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Winter Gardening Clinics

Come join us for our 2018 Garden Clinics

These talks are casual, uncomplicated, and chock full of helpful information by experts in the field.  There will be handouts, good company, and useful tips.
 Bring a friend and have some fun!

January 13 - Backyard Birdfeeding
with Dan Ziomek, HGC Nursery Manager
Dan, lifelong birding enthusiast and the voice behind Birdsongs on The River radio station 93.9, will present an informative and entertaining talk on attracting birds to your yard.  
January 20 - Woodland Plants & How to Grow Them
with Tom Clark, Director of Mt. Holyoke Botanic Gardens
Is a woodland garden a collection of plants growing in a natural way or a garden in the shade or a garden of ferns & fairies?  Tom will discuss what makes a garden a woodland garden and his favorite plants for the woodland setting. 

January 27 - Garden for Butterflies
with Bill Benner, member & former President of MA Butterfly Club
Bill will talk about butterflies commonly seen in Western Mass, which plants attract butterflies & ways to make your garden butterfly friendly.

February 3 - Fun with Houseplants
with Dianne Klenotic, 30 year HGC employee!
Dianne will discuss Houseplant care including watering, light requirements & pest control.  She will demonstrate repotting & propagation techniques.  Feel free to bring in a ailing houseplant for diagnosis.

All Clinics are on Saturdays  beginning at 1:00 pm.
They are free, but space is limited, so come early.  Additional parking available next door at All About Learning. For further information please call 413-584-1423
Indoor Gardening

How to Grow an 
Indoor Herb Garden

CONTAINERS & SOIL: Consider a larger container so you can grow a few different herbs. Make sure all the varieties in the container have the same water requirements (some don't, see below for ideas). The container should also have drainage holes in the bottom and a saucer underneath to catch the excess water. Fill the container with a high-quality, sterile, soil-less, growing media that is free of large particles and weed seeds. This type of media gives the herbs good drainage and aeration while also holding adequate moisture and nutrients. Thoroughly pre-moisten the media with warm water before you sow your seeds.
LIGHT/ENVIRONMENT: Because herbs need at least six hours of sunlight per day, they love a sunny south- or west-facing window or even artificial lighting. If you're using fluorescent lights, which we recommend, use both warm-white and cool-white, 125-watt bulbs hung 2 to 6 inches above the tops of the plants. Then set a timer so the plants receive 14-16 hours of light a day (they need more with artificial lighting than from natural light). As plants grow, adjust the height of the lights and rotate the plants so they grow evenly. To really get your herbs growing, keep the room temperature between 65º-75ºF.
SOWING: Use the seed packet directions to sow the seeds into the pre-moistened media then cover the containers with clear plastic wrap to retain consistent moisture. Check on them daily for signs of growth and if the media is still moist. When seedlings have germinated, remove the plastic.
WATERING: Keep the media evenly moist. Once plants are established, allow the media to dry slightly between watering. 

House Plants for Health

Let's face it, our world contains way too many toxins. It's not hard to write an article like this when you see that a common household item like paper towels is on the list of items with Formaldehyde, along side plywood, carpeting, household cleaners and insulation. Other harmful toxins such as Benzene are found in everyday plastics, detergents, oils and gasoline.


Houseplants can help us.


"How to Grow Fresh Air - 50 Houseplants That Purify Your Home Or Office" by Dr. B.C. Wolverton, is a valuable, easy to read, yet comprehensive resource on these plants. He uses scientific data to rate each houseplant in terms of
  • Removal of chemical vapors
  • Ease of plant growth and maintenance
  • Resistance to insect infestation
  • Transpiration rate

Click here for a table of  six very common and easy to grow houseplants that can remove toxins for you with their Wolverton's ratings.

Bird Seed Cans
2018 Seeds
Easy up Greenhouses
New Inventory!
New Plant Stands
Flamingo watering cans
Mini Succulents
Winter is planning time for gardeners. We are brimming with seeds and ideas for the winter. Get inspired by our clinics and see our new inventory.  We have wood to keep you warm, Ice melt to keep your paths clear and a nice warm greenhouse to stroll through.  It's a great time to recharge and think spring! 

Tom and Janine Giles
and the Staff at Hadley Garden Center