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WaytogoRI staff members are available through the summer for planning, student presentations,
training and technical assistance.


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Reserve your fun and informative summer workshop for your your students! Choose from a list of great topics:


#1Test Prep- Learn how to use our test prep section to get ready for the SAT, ACT and GRE.  Improve your vocabulary with the vocabulary builder. Click Here.


#2: Do What You Are-Take this on line personality assessment based on Myers-Briggs personality types, to learn more about your strengths, recommended career paths and college majors.  Click Here.


#3: Begin Your College Search- Review colleges in Rhode Island and nationwide that best fit you.  Learn how to use the College Matching Assistant to see schools matching your needs. Click Here.


#4:  General WaytogoRI Presentations- Customize your workshop based on the needs of your students. Topics may include how to conduct the most effective career search, take a combination of career assessments or understanding the high school planning timelines and how to succeed in high school.  Click Here.


We look forward to hearing from you and have a great summer!  Please contact us at waytogori@riheaa.org or call us at              401-736-1100 to reserve your summer workshop. 
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