How to Start an Asian Type Personality Trim
While Working on a Slightly Challenging Dog
Not only will you get great tips for Asian Fusion styling in this video, you will also learn how to handle some very common pet behaviors. This dog is typical of what we all see in our own salons every day.

For most of the haircut, Sue is able to demonstrate the haircut without incident. She shows you how to start the lines of a personality haircut with a bit of Asian flair. She talks about where he needs to grow more coat to fully pull off this trim. She also gives you a couple head style options.
You'll see the moment when he decided he's had enough. Sue does a great job of correcting him while teaching him his actions are not desirable. The result is a super cute haircut AND a great behavior handling lesson.


How to Give an Attractive Haircut to a Matted Pet Without Losing Time
Amy shows you her tricks to power through a matted coat without dematting it first. She demonstrates shortcuts to give a matted pet a stylish haircut in no time. She even gives you hints on how to communicate with the owner. Plus, she gives you ideas on what to charge for your services.