February 2020
Richard Elliott
Tabernacle Organist Richard Elliot discusses his role with the Mormon Tabernacle Choir and how a shoulder injury led to a musical breakthrough.
Richard and Brett Valliant will collaborate during the show to demonstrate Wichita Wurlitzer's versatility.
Plan an time with a little classical, jazz, and contemporary music, Tuesday, March 17. Do not miss The Principals!
Brett Valliant
Brett Valliant returns to the Wichita Wurlitzer, Tuesday, March 17. Brett continues his concert career after moving to Mesa AZ to become the primary organist at Organ Stop Pizza.
In addition to his Wichita Wurlitzer appearances and First United Methodist organist position, Brett has performed for audiences across the United States as well as Australia, Europe, and Russia.
Brett and Richard will present a range of music from Bach to Bacharach.
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The World's First Synthesizer
Justin Stahl shares his perspective on the history of Theatre Organs. Wurlitzer started building pianos in 1880 and added Theatre Organs (Unit Orchestras) 30 years later in 1910. Today, the Wichita Wurlitzer, with its piano playable from the console, can perform classical, jazz, and contemporary music, but it also brings the rest of the orchestra.
Wichita Wurlitzer Talks
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