October 2022

Need help planning your program year? 

Last month, over 90 people signed up to join us for our Back-to-School with WELCA event. Using an “open house” format, we explained about the many resources available to participants in Women of the ELCA.

Need help thinking through how to plan your program year? Want to better know your churchwide staff? Watch the video from the online event; it's filled with tips and ideas.

View the recording of the event here.

You're invited to a celebration!

Join Boldcafe's monthly dinner, Thursday, October 6 at 7 p.m. CDT, as we celebrate our second anniversary!

The B.Y.O.D. dinners have been around for two years. Come celebrate in an authentic community. We'll take a look at the past two years and share in a ritual of observance.

Bring your own dessert (that cupcake looks pretty good, doesn't it?). Advance registration is required.

Register here.

Lots of Thankoffering news

Join women from across the United States and the Caribbean in celebrating God’s grace and redeeming love through the 2022 Thankoffering Service on Saturday, November 5, at 3 pm CDT. Spanish translation will be provided. Advance registration is required. Register to attend.

For those looking for the 2022 Thankoffering Service for use in your unit or congregation, it should be posted online by the end of next week.

Need envelopes to use for a Thankoffering Service? To order these envelopes, call 800-638-3522, ext. 2730 or send an email. There is no charge for the envelopes or for shipping. They come in packs of 100.

Curious about Thankofferings? Check out this resource, All About Thankofferings.  

Watch our new video inviting you to help grow Katie's Fund

Learn more about 2122: Growing Katie's Fund for the next 100 years through this new video that shares stories of events and resources made possible by Katie's Fund in its first 25 years.

Then, prayerfully consider how you can support the campaign after learning more. After that, you'll be ready to download an intention form or make a gift. Help shape the next 100 years of ministry!

The fall 2022 Gather Bible study, "Jesus and nature: Teachers of faith" by Sara Olson-Smith is available

You can download the September 2022 Bible study. Plus, you can watch videos for Session 1 and Session 2.

Learn more.

October devotion: Fear

We still react to fear as adults. Some fear is normal and can keep us from doing things we shouldn’t. But letting fear dictate our lives can stop us from learning and growing. This month's devotion looks at fear as we approach Halloween and All Saint's Day. 

Read the devotion

Nominations for executive board are open!

Nominations for the churchwide executive board are open until November 30, 2022.

Voting members of the Twelfth Triennial Convention (2023) will elect officers and board members to serve for the 2023-2026 triennium. The president and vice president are elected at the convention by nominating ballot, and no advance nominations are needed for these two positions.

Nominations will be received by the nominating committee for secretary, treasurer, and board members between August 1 and November 30, 2022. Additional nominations from the floor may be made during the convention.

Access the Nominations Form

Sign up for Daily Grace

Daily Grace is an on-the-go companion for your spiritual journey, offering a faith reflection every day. Encounter God’s extravagant, boundless, and often surprising grace by signing up for a daily email message. You can also download the app for your IOS and Android devices. Learn more at welca.org/dailygrace.

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