Expand your cultural experiences
By Denise Banks
Vice President, Human Resources

COVID-19’s disproportionate racial impact and the unjust killings of Black people ignited a civil rights movement not seen since the late 1960s. It also fueled a real opportunity to create and sustain culturally competent workplaces that advocate for social and racial justice.

For many of us, this opportunity includes seeing systemic racism for what it is, expanding our experiences, and creating a new reality.

In college, one of my textbooks, “The Kaleidoscopic Lens: How Hollywood Views Ethnic Groups,” demonstrated how movies misinformed viewers by dehumanizing ethnic groups and by depicting only one social reality. Movies, TV and other media create lasting impressions of ethnic groups that are biased, and we can end up accepting unchallenged norms.

By expanding our experiences, we change those impressions, and with them our systems and institutions in which inequities are embedded.

At MCFI, I am proud to say that we are playing a critical role in continuing to expand the diversity, inclusion, and cultural competence experiences of our staff to serve our clients and to serve each other. Our award-winning Diversity & Inclusion Office is well-respected and, for more than 10 years, has been a leader in providing education and programs on ethnic, transgender, disability, generational and many other awareness. Right now, we are working with leaders and employees to focus on skills for creating inter-culturally, safe, and inclusive environments. 

We are on a journey to dismantle the “one-view only” approach and expand everyone’s experiences, leading to more effective cultural competence, advocacy and action. We look forward to continuing to foster change and be part of solutions to build more healthy and hopeful communities.
Project Manager for behavioral health division needed
Join our Whole Health Clinical Group as project manager, coordinating behavioral and primary care!
You will help provide integrated health care by:
  • ensuring services are delivered without gaps
  • coordinating care with external providers
  • making lead clinical decisions on crisis walk-ins and calls
  • training and managing case managers
If you have a degree in social work or related field, and you have supervisory experience, this could be the ideal position for you. Please apply here. Whole Health Clinical Group is the behavioral division of MCFI.
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