The increasing pace of climate change calls for all of us to consider what measures we can take to help. Swedish company Greenbyte is pulling its weight by applying the latest technology to help manage renewable energy assets. Please join SACC-Chicago to hear Magnus Henriksson, the Chief Growth Officer of Greenbyte, talk about the future of renewable energy and how data analysis holds the key to enabling solar and wind energy to be the giants in the future energy landscape.

It has become clear that humanity has now reached a tipping point. We are teetering on the event horizon of climate change, outdated socio-economic structures, and energy production. Magnus examines what this tipping point means for the future of renewables and how data will be the lynchpin in enabling solar and wind to be giants on the energy landscape. The question is, are we brave enough to take this leap of faith?
Leading and developing rapidly growing software companies is what gets Magnus Henriksson out of bed in the morning. Known for his infectious energy and engaging leadership approach, Magnus joined Greenbyte as Chief Growth Officer in 2018. After many years at the helm of the Swedish private aviation industry, Magnus read the temperature of the zeitgeist and knew he needed to transition into renewable energy producers. His acumen for leadership, innovation, and entrepreneurship have helped power Greenbyte's mission to be the world's data hub for renewable energy producers.
Thursday, October 17th
Business Sweden
150 N Michigan Ave., S-1950
Chicago, IL 60601
Members $20
Non-members $30
YP $15
Please RSVP before October 15th.