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Need a solution for outdated trim tabs?
Zipwake is a dynamic trim control system for planing and semi-planing boats.
Improved Fuel Economy
Faster Planing
Automatic Roll Control
Increased Stability
Chine Interceptors  
Chine Interceptors
The new Chine interceptors provide a unique means of maximizing pitch and roll motion control by utilizing the furthest outboard surfaces of the hull bottom for lift generation.
Chine Interceptors
Zipwake benefits  
Advantages of Zipwake interceptors
over trim tabs
The Zipwake system lets boaters enjoy a better ride and greater fuel efficiency. Interceptors provide less resistance and are 5-10 times faster than conventional trim tabs. Zipwake’s automatic roll control is a standout in waves and when making a hard turn. Learn more>
What Imtra Customers say:
“We’ve had a long relationship with Imtra, they’re fantastic people and we love working with them. They provide a really high quality product for us. Zipwake is very responsive, it does exactly what you want.”
– Barrett Howarth, Vice President, Mag Bay Yachts
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