Living In Place Newsletter

August 2016
Certified Living In Place Professional classes

August 12-13  - Philadelphia, PA
                  August  23-24 - Chicago, IL

Nine fall classes open for registration, see below for locations and dates.

Color contrast can be both  useful  and dangerous
Here are a few examples of how you can 
improve safety for everyone! 
Learn these tips and much more in the
C ertified Living In Place Professional (CLIPP
training course,

Find a CLIPP class near you. Click on the date for registration and details

August 12-13 Philadelphia, PA  - Hosted by Philadelphia University
August 23-24 Chicago, IL  - Hosted by TOTO Gallery
September 7-8 Princeton, NJShare in $1,000 Miele Scholarship  from host Miele
September 16-17 Columbus, OH - Hosted by Universal Design Living Laboratory
September 20-21 Tysons Corner  -  Share in $1,000 Miele Scholarship  from host Miele
October 5-6 Boca Raton, FL -   Share in $1,000 Miele Scholarship  from host Miele
October 17-18 Boston, MA  -   Hosted by Clarke Distributing
October 27-28 West Hollywood, CA  - Hosted by TOTO Gallery
November 9-10 Seattle, WA - Share in $1,000 Miele Scholarship from host Miele
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