Did you miss July Learning Center?
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Resort Trades Learning Center Event on 07.16.20 was our second event, “Innovative Sales and Marketing,” featuring Shari Levitin of The Shari Levitin Group and Ron Roberts of Legacy Solutions International and Sage Marketing. They addressed two very different aspects of what it will take to keep our industry cranking. Highlights include Ron sharing more than a few of his many, many ideas for adding value to your resort and avoiding some of the bad press that has been heaped on the timeshare business. Shari Levitin presented her bold new concept, “The Adaptive Seller” using her C.A.V.E. method.

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As we continue to navigate our way through this COVID19 environment, necessary precautions must be made – resulting in canceled meetings, new schedules, and different habits. As we attempt to imagine the near future, the changes in practices and routines, along with the volatile economy, have placed businesses, clients, employees, and customers in an unprecedented situation.