February 2019

Celebrate National Quilting Day March 16
March 16 is National Quilting Day. For nearly 70 years, compassionate people just like you have put their faith into action and made quilts for people in need around the world. And not just a few quilts—hundreds of thousands of quilts every year.  Learn the ways you can join the celebration.
How do we best fulfill our organization's mission, purpose?
Several women gathered in January to discuss how to best fulfill Women of the ELCA’s mission and purpose in a changing world. An 11-woman exploratory committee met in St. Louis, Jan. 4-6, and centered its work on investigating the organization’s current business model. Read the article .
Caribbean Synod to start anew
About 80 women from 23 congregations in the Caribbean Synod gathered in mid-January to talk about Women of the ELCA. The event was part of a continuing effort of the churchwide organization to support the synod following the devastating hurricanes of 2017. Read the article .
Monthly devotion: How can we do the right thing for our neighbor?
Love isn’t about emotion; it’s about action. That’s how we love our neighbors, no matter how we feel about them. We do the right thing for them.

How can we do the right thing for a neighbor today? Read and reflect on February's monthly devotion.
Catch up with Women of the ELCA
In the  winter 2019 issue of Interchange , you will learn about Bold Women’s Day, World Day of Prayer in March and National Quilting Day. You can read about actions taken by the executive board in October and learn more about what’s happening at the Conference of Presidents in February. You can also find out about scholarships and get an update on  Gather ‘s winter Bible study. The issue  is also available in Español.
Share your Bold Women's Day celebration ideas with us
Bold Women’s Day is celebrated this year on Feb. 24. On this day, congregational units honor or remember bold women from their community.  Read the articleDownload the new resources.

Share your Bold Women’s Day celebration ideas on the  Women of the ELCA Facebook page or send them to  Women.ELCA@elca.org. Your creative ideas could be featured next year!
Check out Gather magazine for Bold Women's Day inspiration
Looking for some extra Bold Women’s Day inspiration? Check out this excerpt from  Gather’s  January/February 2018 issue: “ Getting to know Katharina von Bora .” While you’re there, sign up for Gather’s FREE e-newsletter and get excerpts and news from the magazine delivered to your inbox each week!
Cafe article: Beyond Perfection
No matter how perfect someone else’s life may seem, the reality is messier for everyone — no exceptions. The truth is that no one’s life is perfect, because perfection does not actually exist; and so our efforts at perfection are destined to fail, leaving us exhausted, defeated, and resentful of anyone who seems to have what we don’t. Read the Cafe article .
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