Volume 7. July 2019
JanineTheMachine July 2019 Newsletter
Summer is here! This month let's focus on enjoying the summer and staying fit and healthy. Product spotlight: Natural Sunscreen Summer session of classes begins! Sign up now. Great unlimited rate! Phytochemicals explained in our article. Personal Training Testimonial and more.... Join our community. First class is Free!
Sign up for Classes anytime! Or just drop in.
Mix and match classes as much as you like
Walk-ins always welcome - $10
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First class always Free!
Classes all through the summer.

Summer 2019 Class Schedule

  • Monday 8am/5pm Zumba/Tone 
  • Monday 5:50pm Stretch 
  • Tuesday 8am/5pm Strong*
  • Tuesday 9am Stretch*
  • Tuesday 6:00pm Barre with Pilates
  • Wednesday 8am Zumba/tone
  • Wednesday 9am Stretch  
  • Thursday 8am Barre with Pilates
  • Thursday 10:15am Zumba Gold -*Senior Center*
  • Thursday 5:00pm Zumba/Tone
  • Thursday 5:50pm Stretch 
  • Friday 8am Strong 
  • Saturday 8am Zumba/Tone

Monthly Social Dinners

JanineTheMachine Group fitness and Training is a community. Monthly get togethers are opened up to any who can come, and we always have a blast! Next month at Baileys in Townsend! Join us.
Recipe of the month:
Sprouts are probably of the most nutritious and vitamin packed foods you can eat. If you are looking for a way to get the most amount of nutrition out of the least amount of food, this is your answer! To see specifically which vitamins and minerals you find in which sprouts visit the SproutPeople website:  https://sproutpeople.org/growing-sprouts/sprout-nutrition/

  • June 3rd: Walk 2 miles
  • June 4th: Outside: 30 jumping jacks. 30 walking lunges.
  • June 5th. 4 mile bike ride or 1 mile jog or 2 mile walk.
  • June 6th  Outside: 30 push ups. 30 squats.
  • June 7th. Walk 3 miles
  • June 8th. Outside: 10 minutes of super skaters
  • June 9th. Bike 5 miles or jog 1.5 miles or walk 3 miles.
  • June 10th. Outside: 10 minutes of skipping.
  • June 11th. Walk 4 miles or jog 1.5 miles.
  • June 12th. Outside: 20 jacks. 20 walking lunges. 20 bird dogs. 20 crunches

What people say about Personal Training with Janine:

“After suffering a chronic back problem for years which limited my lifestyle, I started working with Janine as a personal trainer. She has been amazing! Her approach is individualized, encouraging and supportive. I now am stronger, healthier & able to engage in a wide variety of activities including a return to group exercise classes (taught by Janine, of course!). She has always been my coach & cheerleader & I consider myself lucky to have met her!”
Anita Pavlidis

"Phytochemicals are chemical compounds that occur naturally in plants (phyto means ‘plant’ in Greek). Plants produce phytochemicals in order to protect their cells from damage. When we eat the plants, our bodies absorb them and we benefit from that protection as well..."
Product Highlight:
Natural Sunscreen
A recent study on the safety of sunscreen shows that at least one active ingredient in commercially sold sunscreens is absorbed into the bloodstream in significant quantities.

My natural sunscreen contains no harmful ingredients. The active ingredient: zinc oxide .. is the non nano version that is NOT absorbed into the bloodstream. My sunscreen contains the following, all excellent for the skin: coconut oil, almond oil, beeswax, raspberry seed oil, Non nano Zinc oxide, essential oils.