Foundation News: April 2019
Make a Charitable Gift and Receive Income for Life!
Two agreements that are popular for this purpose are a gift of appreciated stock for a charitable gift annuity and a gift of real estate into a special trust called a charitable remainder unitrust. Read more>
Is a Charitable Gift Annuity Right for You?

If you want to support one of your favorite ministries while also supplementing your retirement income, then a charitable gift annuity (CGA) might be right for you! Check out this Q&A to learn more about CGA's.  Read more>
Quarterly Report - Spring 2019

Get up-to-date about what is going on at the Foundation by viewing our quarterly report. This includes church building loan details, investment fund information, and a look ahead at what else you can expect to see from us in 2019. Read more>
Is mud being a menace to your carpets this spring?
Get a loan through the Foundation to
clean up your flooring mess!
What can the Foundation do for Individuals?
We offer a number of services to individuals in order to accomplish the goal of being your partner in stewardship, including planned giving assistance, a short-term investment option, and scholarships and loans. Learn more>
Gifts of Homes

Giving a gift of a home to a charity is a great way to reduce the tax burden on individuals. Read more>
How to Stop Frustrating Robocalls

Robocalls make up around 50% of all phone calls today, and it is only getting worse. Read more>