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America’s largest, longest running homeopathy conference is coming up FAST!

We’ve been working overtime to make sure it’s one for the books. We have 24 incredible speakers lined up that are each movers and shakers in the homeopathy community. 

For years, JAHC has been a great resource for homeopathy users, homeopaths, and even just those that want to take a more active investment in their health. Lifelong connections are made. 

This year is no different! And you can get the same value without traveling miles to do it.

This year, we have 24 speakers that each specialize in multiple areas of expertise. We have academic professionals, writers, communicators, homeopaths, naturopaths and SO many more. There’s something for everyone to learn.

You can read a full breakdown of every speaker, their bio, and the topics they’ll be covering right here.

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Pricing starts at $45 with the early bird discount. That’s a deal you probably won’t find anywhere else!

Here’s one question we’ve been asked a lot: If I upgrade to the pro registration, won’t I miss out on speakers if I’m not available all weekend?

Here’s the solution: For the first time this year, we’ll be keeping recordings of every conference through vfairs, then on our website. 

At NCH, our goal is to make Homeopathy education and information accessible and available! So this year we have gone above and beyond to let you soak in all of the information. Now you can take more detailed notes, rather than taking it all in at once. Take advantage of having the full recordings available after the conference! Take a few weeks or even a month to get the most out of it!

But wait... There's a new added benefit for professionals and Naturopathic doctors:

We wanted to let you in on a secret. We've applied to offer 23 hours of continuing education credits from ACHENA and 23 hours of continuing education credits from AANP. NCH will be updating everyone as soon as the hours are approved and finalized.

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More about the event:

  • Where is it? Online from the convenience of your home! As we mentioned, JAHC will be using vFairs as our virtual conference platform. vFairs helps organizations around the world plan world-class online events. Learn more about our virtual format.
  • When is it? April 23 - 25th, 2021.
  • How much does it cost? $50 - $350 | $45 - $295 (Through March 31 only!)
  • What if I’m not available all weekend? No problem! vFairs keeps every recording, the exhibit hall, and more available on their site for 30 days after the conference ends. After that, the recordings will be housed on the NCH website, so you’ll have continued access!

We’ll see you there!

-The National Center for Homeopathy

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