October 2016

Watch the oral arguments made by lawyers Lawrence Lessig and Theodore Olsen in CTIA (The Wireless Industry) vs. City of Berkeley, at California's Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals
Download EHT's New Safety Card about Children & Technology Use  
"I Am an EMF Refugee. I Can Feel Wi-Fi"
Wireless Risks Explored in 

State Representative Candidates' Forum

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Bollywood Actress Juhi Chawla Opposes Mumbai Wi-Fi Hotspot Plans
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"The Recommendation To Take Precautionary Measures Especially for Children Is Not Scaremongering - It Is Common Sense."
Ron Melnick PhD, the NIH scientist who lead the NTP study design responds to criticism of the study in a detailed commentary.  
"Take precautions with children and in pregnancy" Award winning journalist Dina Fine Maron is interviewed by NPR on the NTP study results.  Read More

The Journal of Chemical Neuroanatomy Published a Special Issue on the Effects of Radio-frequency EMF on the Nervous System
Controversies on Electromagnetic Fields in Neurobiology of Organisms, Journal of Chemical Neuroanatomy Special issue

Read the editorial By S├╝leyman Kaplan And Devra Davis: Controversies On Electromagnetic Fields In Neurobiology Of Organisms
New Published Critique: Claims That Cellphones Are Safe 'Endanger Public Health' and Are 'Ludicrous'
"The widely publicized article claiming that cell phones are safe by the Australian sociologist Simon Chapman contains a number of major errors and cherry-picked data, according to newly published critiques by EHT scientists."
C4ST: Canada's Health Minister Caught Misleading Canadians about Safety of Their Wireless Devices
Jane Philpott is denying the scientific evidence of harm in contradiction to the Parliamentary Health Committee report findings which recommend the government warn the public about wireless devices.  

New Review Study Finds 21 of 27 Studies Show Wireless  Radiation Damages the Male Reproductive System.
Long-term exposure to cell phone & other wireless radiation may cause Alzheimer's Disease, Experimental and Therapeutic Medicine.

Long term exposure to mobile phone radiation damages the hippocampus neurons of mice, Journal of Clinical and Diagnostic Research.

 The Fundamental Reasons Why Laptop Computers should not be Used on Your Lap, Journal of Biomed Physics and Engineering.