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  1. Emotional Needs of the Amygdala
  2. Building Bridges and
  3. Two Brain Systems

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4th Quarter:
Time to Hire for "Soft" Skills.    
According to monster.com, 36% of all hiring happens in the 4th quarter, which is really amazing since we generally lose one to two weeks of work around the holidays. If you are in the position of going through the hiring and interviewing process in Q4 (or anytime for that matter), you will want to consider what competencies you are hiring for.

The Case for "Soft" Skills
The Wall Street Journal cites a recent LinkedIn study that revealed 58% of 291 hiring managers believe the shortage of soft skills in the job market is hindering their firms' productivity.
Learn  the right questions to ask during the hiring process. 
Squirrels for hire?
Bill Benjamin discusses how to hire people who succeed right out of the gate.  
5 Reasons to use up your remaining 2016 training dollars.
1) Start 2017 off with a team that has the tools to succeed
2) Get your training at 2016 prices
3) Drive your employee engagement results
4) Prepare your team to manage change
5) If you don't use them...you will lose them


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