Learn How to Use Crystals
Crystals and mineral stone specimens come in many forms, shapes and sizes. Each one has a signature vibration that brings energy and assistance to the human body, and to any room. Crystals placed in a room can add positive energy or deflect negative vibrations.
The human body has evolved to take advantage of crystalline structures in many forms. The most commonly known crystal is salt, but it is fa r from the only one. Every cell in the body carries hemoglobin, a compound that contains sub-microscopic crystals of iron oxide. Water especially reacts to crystalline structures, and the human body is mostly made of water. Our water-based body picks up the patterns of crystals. Crystals, because of their purity and structure, are very sensitive and receptive to ambient energy. They translate this energy into the water of our blood and body.
Class will include how to clean crystals, crystal layouts and more!  Taught by Earl Maupins.
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