Learning, Learning, Learning
Did you feel it, too?

It started last week - and it's picking up momentum this week.

Energy - Determination - Folks are poised at the starting blocks.

I felt it.... and have embraced it fully.

I am ready to learn more, teach more, meet more people.

This month I want to share learning and sharing opportunities with you.

And.... I want to thank you for accepting my communications....for being with me on this learning and sharing journey.

With gratitude,
Conversations with Experts
Well, if you know anything at all about me, you probably realized by now that I am passionate about being a "Connector".

Well, you can also be certain that I am absolutely LOVING this project.

Last month, I began a program of interviewing someone each week about their 'superpower' and how it can relate to growing our selves and our businesses.
I am NOT KIDDING - I must know the most interesting, smart people around! These conversations have been so interesting, enlightening, and fun.

I invite you to join the "Rise Above the Noise" Facebook Group where we join the conversations - ask questions - comment and share.
Conversations we've had so far: Make your website work for you, Use your intuition to lead you to business success, Overcome limiting beliefs to move forward in your business, Embrace self promotion to authentically communicate your value, Positivity and affirmations for success.... and more...
Recommended Reading
The "Units" section on the Rise Above the Noise Facebook Group makes it easy to share excerpts from some of my currently-reading (obsessing over) books. Here are some of the books I've shared or will be sharing.
Enjoy !
Resource Articles - August
Accountability and Mastermind Program
:: Authentic Action and Genuine Connection ::
Limited to 8 participants. Begins 9/14. There are 2 spots available.
Social Media, Email Marketing & Analytics For Your Business

Have you ever wished you had a "board of directors" to bounce ideas off of, hold you accountable, and be a resource for new knowledge?

This program is for independent professionals and small business owners who are committed to growing their business through consistency, support, and accountability systems.
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