Can landlords overcome their biases?
A few weeks ago, CVOEO's Housing Advocacy team received a call from a housing support worker whose client was being denied the opportunity to apply for an apartment because he has a CARES Housing Voucher. The landlord made clearly discriminatory statements and refused to show the apartment.

Jess Hyman, who directs CVOEO's Fair Housing Project, called the landlord to assess the situation and inform him of his responsibilities under federal and state fair housing law. What followed was a series of conversations over the course of a week – some congenial, some heated – in which Jess respectfully and firmly explained how his decision-making process and statements resulted in illegal discrimination, regardless of his intent, which he felt was justified based on 40 years of being a landlord.
Head Start prepares for a new school year
Before Labor Day Weekend, Champlain Valley Head Start kicked off the 2021-2022 school year with a week of training for staff. The training focused on team building, planning, and a wide array of learning opportunities for staff. Learning topics included perinatal mental health, blood borne pathogens, medication administration, mandated reporting, balance posture and motor control, attendance matters, and trauma resilience practice. 

Thank you to all of our educators!
Environmental justice at CVOEO
As you may know, CVOEO recently added environmental justice to its mission statement and is quickly becoming involved with statewide initiatives. For example, CVOEO's Director of Racial Equity, Virginie Diambou (along with other representatives from the Vermont Community Action Partnership) is involved with the Just Transitions subcommittee of the Vermont Climate Council. The group is currently at work seeking feedback and suggestions from a wide array of Vermonters. The Council was established through the Global Warming Solutions Act to develop a Climate Action Plan for Vermont.

climate justice
Champlain Valley Weatherization is here to help
Champlain Valley Weatherization is accepting applications for its services. Are you, your neighbors, and/or loved ones ready for winter? The Weatherization team can help lower energy bills for clients while making homes healthier and more comfortable. All services are provided to income-qualified households at no charge.

For more information, including eligibility requirements, contact Champlain Valley Weatherization at 800-545-1084 or click the link below.