Learning about the Middle Ages

Have you ever wondered why they call it the Middle Ages? What's it in the middle of?

To find out, we decided to explore this topic through our bulletin board. Come take a look for yourself the next time you stop by the Learning Centre.
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Being able to reach you by phone or text message is critical for us. If you've changed your phone number - or are planning to do so in the near future - please keep us informed. Call or text your new phone number to us at 613-799-2668 or email us   if that's more convenient.
Stretch your dollars shopping at the Thrift Stores

Have you visited a Salvation Army Thrift Store?

Why not? You'll save lots of money.

Salvation Army Thrift Stores sell gently-used clothing and other household items donated by the public. They also receive donations of brand new product including clothing, toys, furniture and other items from businesses.

Check this link to see what these stores have to offer and to find one close to you.

Exploring a new, but very old, skill

Share your wish for Canada.

As you know, Winterlude was held last month here in Ottawa and, since 2017 is also Canada's 150th anniversary year, as part of the special celebrations for this event, everyone attending Winterlude events was invited to share their hopes and dreams for Canada for the next 150 years. Even though Winterlude is now over, you can still participate in the "Wish for Canada" project by visiting this web site and adding your wishes to the list.

Valuable advice is free 

Helping you to put the pieces of your financial situation in order.

"We are a community based non-profit credit counselling service. We don't ask you to pay fees for counselling. We don't limit your time talking to a credit counsellor. When you come to us for help, we support you through the whole process. We give you the help you need, when you need it."

For more information, click here or call them at: 1-800-379-5556 

Affordable Internet

National Capital FreeNet is not-for-profit, non-commercial and is owned by its members. Since it was established in Ottawa in 1992, NCF has registered over 100,000 people. Membership is free, and cost estimates are available instantly through  NCF's website.

Practical help when you need it

"The mission of Dress for Success is to empower women to achieve economic independence by providing a network of support, professional attire and the development tools to help them thrive in work and in life."

Once you've scheduled a job interview, obtain a referral from Bethany Hope Centre to visit the Dress for Success boutique. There, their volunteers will work with you to help you choose an interview outfit and will also provide guidance and support for your upcoming interview.

For full details, check their web site.

Safe, comfortable housing is very important

Finding safe housing is a big problem.
Did you know we have a Housing Worker?

She can help you in a number of ways: 
  1. Help with landlords 
  2. Support with budgeting/credit 
  3. Support with shelter
Call Gaby at 725-1733 ext. 215

Please let us know
Just call to get the help started

Pro Bono Ontario helps Ottawa residents who have essential legal needs but can't afford a lawyer. For example, one legal need that doesn't get a great deal of attention is preparing wills. Pro Bono Ontario provides will preparation help for low-income individuals, the terminally ill or single parents in the Ottawa area who would like to make a will, but cannot afford a lawyer. For more details on this service as well as many others, consult the Learning Coach Database in the Owl's Perch or check this link.

Contact the Playroom Staff

Whether as an emergency respite or because you need to attend an appointment or because you just need a break, we're here to help.  See Playroom staff to register for a free day of special care for your child and a day to yourself!
It's important to be careful

Most residential break-ins happen at night. 

Most residential break-ins actually happen during the day when the majority of people are not at home. 

  A chain lock offers good security. 

People buy chain locks in the belief that they provide adequate protection when answering the door. But the fact is that chain locks actually offer very little protection against the threat of a forced entry, and can result in a false sense of security when a superior lock is disengaged. A wide-angle peephole on your door is far superior because it will allow you to see who is outside your door while preventing the person from seeing inside your home, and possibly breaking the chain lock. 

 A safe neighborhood is the best protection.

We've all seen television news stories where people talk about how their neighborhoods were "the last place you'd expect something like this to happen." The moral of the story is that  a safe neighborhood is only safe until something happens . Don't let your guard down.

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