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What is the Christmas Kettle Campaign?

The Salvation Army Christmas Kettle Campaign is a fundraising effort that occurs each year during the Christmas season. Kettles are found in 2000 locations across Canada and are an opportunity for the public to donate whatever funds they can to support the work of The Salvation Army during the Christmas season and throughout the year.

What happens to the money raised?

For too many Canadians, the necessities of life needed for basic human dignity are out of reach. Poverty is the root cause that puts dignity out of reach for millions of Canadians, making access to everyday needs, like food, clothing and shelter, difficult.

Funds raised through donations made at Christmas kettles, together with other sources of funds, help provide direct, compassionate, hands-on service to 1.6 million people each year in Canada, restoring hope and dignity to those who might otherwise remain invisible in society.

You can still make progress on your course in December despite all the celebrations
It's been going on for a long time 

Leaving cookies and milk for Santa began in the 1930s during the Great Depression. In that time of great economic hardship, many parents tried to teach their children that it was important to give to others and to show gratitude for the gifts they were lucky enough to receive on Christmas Day. 

Family wellness programs with BHC's Playroom

Yoga for Moms and Tots

The Bethany Hope Centre playroom had a busy November! We ran our wellness month which involved infant massage and toddler yoga classes. We also had a Fairytale themed morning where we completed a variety of different activities for toddlers. 

We have a Christmas themed Spirit Week coming up in December, see the calendar for more details. We are looking forward to what the New Year has in store!
Planned with the family in mind

Mayor's 17th Annual Christmas Celebration
Ottawa City Hall, 110 Laurier Avenue West
Saturday, December 9th, 2017
2:00 - 6:00 p.m.

Celebrate the season in the fresh outdoors on Marion Dewar Plaza roasting marshmallows, singing Christmas songs around camp fires, ice skating on the Sens Rink of Dreams and enjoying BeaverTails and live entertainment, including LGS. Santa and Mrs. Claus will arrive from the North Pole and will be housed in their very own outdoor cabin. Enjoy horse-drawn wagon rides on the downtown streets surrounding City Hall and inside, make a craft in Santa's Workshop, enjoy hot chocolate, cookies, entertainment and indulge in fresh fruit from Orleans Fresh Fruit.

Studious will be pleased

From time to time, the staff at Bethany Hope Centre meet together to listen to presentations from their colleagues on what's happening in each department of the Centre.The purpose of these presentations is to help everyone stay informed about any changes or new developments that may have occured since the last time.

A few days ago, the Learning Coach was asked to speak to the Bethany staff about our program. To do so, we put together a short video that illustrates the work we do. Although this video will never win an Oscar or be viewed by millions, we're not disappointed. It was never intended to be riveting entertainment. All it is is a look at what we do to deliver the Learning Coach Program to you. We thought you might be interested in seeing it. If so, just click the video button below and sit back and enjoy the next ten minutes.

If you do stop to take a look at the video,  Studious, our very friendly mascot, will be very pleased. He has a small cameo role in this video so he's very keen for you to see it.  If you do view it, please drop into the office afterward to tell him you've seen him. That will please him immensely because, if you'll pardon the pun, he's quite the ham.

When help is needed

Next to the Federal Government, the Salvation Army is the largest non-governmental direct provider of social services in the country. The Salvation Army gives hope and support to vulnerable people today and every day in 400 communities across Canada.

And Bethany Hope Centre is, of course, a proud member of the Salvation Army's team.

When help is needed

12 days of holiday fire safety

Day 1
Water fresh trees daily and keep your tree away from any ignition source such as the fireplace, heaters or candles.

Day 2
Check all sets of lights before decorating. Before you put those lights on the tree or around the front window check the cords closely. Discard any sets that are frayed or damaged.

Day 3
Make sure you have working smoke alarms. With family and friends spending extra time at your home over the holidays, it's a great time to check your smoke alarms. Replace smoke alarms if they are over 10 years old. Remember that you need working smoke alarms on every storey of your home and outside all sleeping areas. 

Day 4
Make sure you have working carbon monoxide alarms. Carbon monoxide is an invisible, odourless gas that can quickly kill you. Replace any carbon monoxide alarms over seven years old. Installing carbon monoxide alarms in your home will alert you to the presence of this deadly gas.

Day 5
Make sure everyone knows how to get out safely if a fire occurs. Develop and practise a home fire escape plan with all members of the household and make sure someone helps young children, older adults or anyone else that may need assistance to evacuate. Once outside, stay outside and call 911 from a cell phone or neighbours house.

Day 6
Use extension cords wisely. People often use extension cords for that extra set of lights or the dancing Santa in the corner. Extension cords should be used only as a temporary connection. Make sure cords never go under rugs as this can cause damage to the cord and cause a fire.

Day 7
Give space heaters space. If you are using space heaters to help take the chill off, remember to keep them at least one metre (3 feet) away from anything that can burn such as curtains, upholstery, or holiday decorations.

Day 8
When you go out, blow out! Candles can set the perfect mood for a holiday celebration, but remember to always blow out candles before leaving the room or going to bed. Keep lit candles safely away from children and pets and anything that can burn, such as curtains, upholstery, or holiday decorations.

Day 9
Keep matches and lighters out of the sight and reach of children. People often keep matches and lighters handy to light holiday candles. But matches and lighters can be deadly in the hands of children. If you smoke, have only one lighter or book of matches and keep them with you at all times.

Day 10
Watch what you heat! The holiday season is one of the busiest times of the year, which means it's easy to get distracted from what we are doing. Cooking fires most commonly occur when cooking is left unattended. Always stay in the kitchen when cooking - especially if using oil or high temperatures. If a pot catches fire, carefully slide a tight-fitting lid over the pot to smother the flames and then turn off the heat.

Day 11
Encourage smokers to smoke outside. Careless smoking is the leading cause of fatal fires. If you do allow smoking indoors use large, deep ashtrays that can't be knocked over and make sure cigarette butts are properly extinguished.

Day 12
There's more to responsible drinking than taking a cab home. With all the festive cheer this time of year, keep a close eye on anyone attempting to cook or smoke while under the influence of alcohol. Alcohol is all too often a common factor in many fatal fires.

Memorize these telephone numbers
A Snowsuit for your child

If you need a snowsuit for your child, there are three steps:

Who is eligible? 

Children of low income families, newborn to age 15, living in Ottawa only.
Expectant mothers can pick up a free gently used newborn snowsuit in the month before their due date, and can come back after the baby is born and pay $10 for a new suit

What is proper documentation?

Everyone must bring proof of their child's date of birth and proof of city of residence.
Ontario Works/ODSP - Bring your current past month's Ontario Works Statement of Assistance.
Recently immigrated - Provide your date of arrival and proof of financial status.
Refugee - Provide refugee status documentation

Hardini Centre
225 Donald St. Unit 134
Ottawa, ON

Tuesday to Saturday 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

For more information, please check here.

Memorize these telephone numbers

It may seem very early, but this is just a friendly advance reminder of the new tax season that will begin next month. There are many reasons why you should fle an income tax and beneft return every year. In additon to calculatng, reportng and paying income tax, the return is used to:

* claim an income tax refund
* apply for government payments 
* qualify for income-based government programs. ( You need to file a return to apply for government payments or qualify for income-based government programs.)

In the new year, once again, we'll be offering income tax help to all who wish. Just watch for our announcement.
Don't Start the Holidays Too Early
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