A great celebration

Wednesday, June 20th was a big day at Bethany Hope Centre.

    This was the day we held our Learning Coach Academic Achievement Celebration. As the program displayed below shows, our sixth annual June celebration was a very busy event. 

   From congratulating our graduates and prize winners to listening to an inspiring message from Michael Maidment, the Executive Director of the Ottawa Food Bank to enjoying a superb lunch prepared, organized and delivered by Bethany's very talented chefs, it was a full and satisfying day.


A very photogenic group

A great big Thank You to all the BHC Staff

    The BHC Staff did a superb job of putting together the Learning Coach Academic Achievement Celebration. It was a lot of work that was the result of a wonderful team effort by all the Bethany Hope Centre Staff. 


And a good time was had by all...

The pictures tell the story best.

An interesting and informative video

Did you miss it or want to see it again?

As part of program at our June Academic Luncheon we showed a video "We Welcome the World" In this video, three Learning Coach students describe and explain the challenges they faced in the years after they came to Canada. The problems they list go beyond the easily understood difficulty of learning a new language and go on to explore the many problems they faced adjusting to a new way of life and learning a new culture.

If you'd like to view this video, just click the link below.

An excellent new program!

The Friends with Food Program has officially launched and we are having a blast! 

Our young chefs from the ages of 7-12 have been learning how to cook healthy meals in the kitchen.  Each chef has her/his own apron and cookbook! 

We sit down at the end of each class to enjoy our hard work. 

A very positive remark we overheard in the class: "No one can deny that cooking class is fun." 

If you are interested in registering your child for this program for the September session, please contact Sandra Randall 613-725-1733 ext 204  

There's always something going on in the Playroom

We had a busy month in the playroom. 

Our young toddlers learned how to make homemade playdoh. The best part was playing with it afterwards! 

We have enjoyed reading new books from the library. Our favourite book to read and sing is Pete the Cat! 

Friendly reminder to put sunscreen and a hat on your child before enjoying the summer weather. 

We are excited for this year's Family Fun Day at Saunders Farm on Wednesday July 18th! If you are interested in attending, please see the playroom staff to reserve your spot with a toonie!" 

Careful behaviour now will keep your hearing at its best

Save your ears!

We've all heard that our hearing can get worse - not better - over time. For those of us who love music, listen up. 

It's been found that a variety of everyday activities can cause exposure to damaging sound levels. A few examples are:
  • listening to music through headphones or earbuds
  • attending a rock music concert
  • mowing the lawn
  • using a table saw
  • driving a car on the highway with the windows open
  • playing a musical instrument
  • participating as a member of a band or orchestra

To find out more, visit this government website.
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Online Reporting
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Don't wait on the phone, save time and use the online reporting service for non-emergency reports such as:
    • Theft (excluding theft of passports)
    • Theft from vehicle
    • Traffic complaints
    • Mischief/Damage to property
    • Hate Crimes
    • Drug complaints
    • Fraud complaints

Some incidents require an officer in person, while other reports can be taken over the phone by the Police Reporting Unit.
    • 911 for emergency
    • 613-236-1222 for non-emergency reports
    • TTY 613-760-8100 service for Deaf, Deafened and Hard of Hearing
For anonymous tips, contact Crime Stoppers:  1-800-222-8477 (TIPS)

The Ottawa Police Service has launched a new app for Android and iOS users that makes it easier to stay connected with the Ottawa Police.  It includes several features such as access to online reporting, crime maps, photos of wanted persons, traffic disruptions, a collision toolkit, a call police function, find a police station and more.

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