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Is it time for your child to enrol in school?

Summer may be around the corner, but around the next corner is a new school year. Check here to find out about how to register your child in the Ottawa-Carleton District School Board or the Ottawa Catholic School Board.

Time to thank Dad.
Taking the First Step is Easy

June in the Playroom

Wonderful Spring!

We are so happy that the beautiful spring weather has finally arrived! It has been a busy month in the playroom. Parents and their children have been doing crafts and playing outside. The children made cards with their handprints for Mother's Day. We look forward to what June has in store. Stay tuned for outings to the splash pad and our spring field trip to the Agriculture Museum on June 27th!

We hope to see you here

Please RSVP by June 8th to let us know that you'll be here.

There is something new under the sun

Night Market on Fox is a summer night market this summer at Bethany Hope Centre inspired by generosity of spirit, creativity, innovation and care for the community. 
  • Brings together a supportive community and local, small and social enterprises over great food and a lively environment 
  • Builds on The Bethany Hope Centre values around bringing together community over our shared love of food
  • Nurtures local and small businesses, by offering a donate-what-you-can model for vendors
  • Creates a space to test out new products, run pop-ups and promote small and aspiring enterprises
  • Offers an "eat-in" option with picnic tables and a children's playground on-site
  • Bus, Walk and cycle-in (bike racks available)
  • Dogs on leashes welcome
Check here for all the details on this unique event.
Valuable services available when needed

City of Ottawa Social Services Hubs
The Social Services Hubs bring together City of Ottawa and community services in a common space to serve your needs and the well-being of our community. Hubs are especially helpful if you are looking for work, or if you are a young person, a family member or a new resident facing extra challenges related to finances, housing, employment or health. These Hubs make it easy for you to get information on:
    • Finding a job
    • Finances
    • Immigration and settlement
    • Recreation
    • Health
    • Education and training
    • Youth services
    • Addiction
    • Counselling and life skills development
There are many other resources and supports available at the Hubs
    • Support from friendly staff, referrals to programs and services
    • Free use of computers, printers, fax machines, photocopiers and phones
    • Job postings, Internet access for job banks, market research and job search
    • Workshops, information seminars, clinics and drop-ins
    • Free on-site child care for children ages six months to six years while using the Hub services
Check here to view a short video that explains all the services available from the City at their four sites:
    1. Central - 370 Catherine Street
    2. East - 2339 Ogilvie Road
    3. South - 2020 Walkley Road
    4. West - 100 Constellation Drive, 2nd Floor

Take reasonable precautions

Protect yourself

Try not to walk alone at night but if you do, be alert and avoid dark or isolated areas. Instead, walk out in the open, away from walls, alleys, doorways, and pillars.
Whether you are walking or driving, determine the safest route before you leave. Take the longest route if that is the safest.
Tell friends or family members where you're going, and then let them know when you reach your destination.
Have your key ready as you approach your house or vehicle.
Don't enter environments where you feel unsafe. Trust your instincts.
Know your physical capabilities and limitations.
Don't carry offensive weapons such as knives. They may be used against you.
If you suspect you are being followed

Cross the street or walk on the side of the road.
Go immediately to the nearest well-lit or populated area.
If others are within hearing distance, turn to the person following you and say in a loud and assertive voice: "Stop following me!"
Contact Police immediately--go to a house or a store and call the Police or flag down a taxi and ask the driver to call the Police for you.
If the person following you is driving a car, take out a pen and paper, look at the licence plate and write the number down, making sure that the driver sees you do this.

What goes where?

Feeling blue? Or maybe green? 

Have you ever stared at your recycling bins, holding an item above one and then the other bin? Instead of choosing by "eeny meeny miney moe", try installing the Ottawa Collection Calendar App on your phone or  checking this website.

We hope to see you here

Are you prepared for an emergency?

In our everyday lives, large-scale emergencies and disasters seem very unlikely. However, these things do occur and when they do, advance preparation can help you better deal with whatever comes your way. The City of Ottawa has prepared the following check list for you to consider. Do you have all these items on hand in case of an emergency? Most of these items are inexpensive and readily available if you take the time to hunt them down now while you have time to do so. In an emergency, it's difficult to think clearly and logically.

Do it now while you're thinking about it.
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