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We thought you'd like to know....

Based on a drawing by the Executive Director of the Bethany Hope Centre, Toronto artist Tanya MacFarlane created the eye-catching mosaic wall mural called "Metamorphosis" that greets every visitor to our Centre.

The artist described her work in these words:

"This mural is inspired by the logo of the Centre which is a butterfly. As a young parent resource centre, Bethany Hope is involved in the metamorphosis of families and we wanted the mural to honour that journey. We also wanted it to be fun and whimsical for the children who spend their time there. I think we succeeded!"

Once completed, Bethany Hope Centre was very satisfied with this work as can be seen in this excerpt from a letter of appreciation sent to the artist:

"The final outcome of the installation was beyond what we could have ever hoped for. The quality of the work and the materials used were superb and we look forward to enjoying this mosaic for a long time."

Check here to learn more about Tanya MacFarlane as well as seeing more photographs of the mural being assembled.

Hallowe'en at Bethany Hope Centre

We thought you'd enjoy seeing what 
Halloween was like at Bethany Hope. 

Some of us woke up at 5:00 a.m. to paint our faces silver. 
Some of us can't remember whether Mom dressed us up as a dinosaur or a dragon...
but everyone had a good time showing off their Halloween spirit!

Thanks to all of our staff and participants for 
making this a fun and memorable day.
It's that time of year again.

"The flu," more properly known as seasonal influenza, is a common and very contagious infection. The flu affects the nose, throat, and lungs.

Your best shot at beating the flu is by getting your flu vaccine. The earlier you get the vaccine, the better your chances are to prevent it. The flu is a serious viral infection that can have severe complications. Anyone can get the flu virus. The flu is not just a cold. You could miss school, parties, holidays, or even end up in the hospital.

Why take a chance?  Get your flu shot on November 15th!

Christmas is closer than you may realize.

Pay close attention when your purchases are being scanned

From time-to-time, pricing mistakes happen in stores and, when they do, incorrect prices can result in poor customer relations. That's why many businesses in Canada adhere to a voluntary code of conduct to compensate customers when a scanned price differs from a price displayed on the shelf or in an advertising flyer.  

"On a claim being presented by the customer, where the scanned price of a product at checkout is higher than the price displayed in the store or than advertised by the store, the lower price will be honoured; and 
(a) if the correct price of the product is $10 or less, the retailer will give the product to the customer free of charge; or
(b) if the correct price of the product is higher than $10, the retailer will give the customer a discount of $10 off the correct price."

Check here for the full details of this policy along with a list of stores and businesses that follow this code of conduct. 

When there are no leaves on the trees

This is the perfect time of the year for you and your family to explore a new part of the city. One very in interesting place to do that is the area around Parliament Hill.

When there are no leaves on the trees on the banks of Parliament Hill it's possible to see the remains of a pedestrian walk - called lovers' walk because it was popular with young couples - that is no longer open to the public. Actually, all classes of citizens in Ottawa - especially during the warm summer months - enjoyed Lovers' Walk including prime ministers and commoners alike. It was a footpath that encircled Parliament Hill just below the cliff top (see the red arrow in the photograph). Hidden from view by the leaves of the trees in spring and summer, this secluded walkway provided a magnificent view of the river below while sheltering walkers from the heat of the day. Closed, supposedly for safety reasons, by prime minister King, there has been sporadic talk in the press of rebuilding it. Don't hold your breath waiting for it to re-appear.

The blue arrows in the photographs below point to the Bytown Museum building which today occupies the oldest stone structure in Ottawa. Built as the headquarters for the construction of the Rideau Canal this building is now a very interesting place to visit to learn about the early history of Ottawa and the construction of the Rideau Canal.

In the warm weather months, admission to the museum is free on Thursdays after 5pm until closing.

(Old postcard view of Lovers' Walk)

A valuable family activity

Parents have the greatest influence on children when it comes to learning about food and cooking. Hands-on cooking activities are a great way to improve mealtime practices and eating habits. Hands-on activities help build the self-confidence and self-efficacy of children through skill development.

What are some benefits of cooking as a family according to Parenting in Ottawa?
  • Make meal time faster; assign age-appropriate tasks to your children.
  • Involving children in the kitchen gives them control over their food, making them more likely to eat it. It can help with picky eating.
  • Spend time as a family.
  • Pass on family and cultural traditions.
  • Build confidence, independence and lifelong healthy lifestyle habits. What your child learns today stays with them in the future.
  • Practical life skills. Your kitchen is a classroom where your children can learn about: 
    • Math: work with fractions, measure and count
    • Science: how cooking changes food to make it softer, harder, tastier
    • Social skills: work as a team and share tasks to do something concrete
    • Language: read a recipe, write a grocery list
Click here to read suggestions from Parenting in Ottawa on when and how to start introducing your child to cooking.

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