It's that time of year again.
New Service from the Canada Revenue Agency

Under a new automated service called "File My Return" about 950,000 Canadians with low or fixed incomes that don't change from year-to-year can now file their returns by answering a  series of questions over the telephone.

People eligible for this new service will receive personalized invitation letters from the Canada Revenue Agency beginning mid-February. Using this service, they will be able to access all the deductions, benefits and credits they are entitled to without having to do any of the paper work or calculations, according to the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA).

And we have even more help for you to complete your taxes and it's ABSOLUTELY FREE!

Sign-up for an appointment with Phil, the Learning Coach, in the Owl's Perch.  Appointments are available Tuesday and Thursday afternoons during March for help completing your tax return.

You may be eligible to receive this $25.00 Loblaw Card
Loblaws discovered that Canadians were overcharged for the cost of some packaged bread products in their stores and other grocery stores across Canada. In response, they're offering eligible customers a $25 Loblaw Card, which can be used to purchase items sold in their grocery stores.

You are eligible to receive a $25 Loblaw Card:

To receive a card, complete and submit a registration form. The easiest way to do that is by clicking here.

Registration forms must be submitted by May 8, 2018 in order to be eligible.

A source for important safety alerts

An important source for accurate and trustworthy information in Canada for consumer product recalls and safety alerts

The Government of Canada maintains a database filled with safety information on consumer products, vehicles, food and health products. You may consult it at any time by checking here

Here's a current example of a product safety warning the government has issued for a product that some of our clients may own:

Evenflo Company, Inc. recalls Evenflo 
Victory Jogging/Jogger Stroller

Product description:

This recall involves the Evenflo Victory Jogging/Jogger Stroller with model numbers 45811856C, 46612149C and 46612149CG.  The stroller is sold in two colour combinations (Tucson and Black/Teal), contains 3 large, pneumatic wheels, and has a 17" folded frame.  The model number and date of manufacture are on a label located on one of the rear stroller frame legs.

Hazard identified:

Health Canada's sampling and evaluation program has determined that these strollers do not meet the  Carriages and Strollers Regulations in Canada.  Specifically, the stroller lap belt may detach resulting in a fall hazard.

An important source of help for many


You may be interested in joining the parent group:  Walking in My Shoes.

Walking in My Shoes is a monthly meeting for parents of children with special needs of all ages to meet, greet and share experiences through facilitated discussions  as well as listening to informed guest speakers. 

For more information, take a look at their web site: or email them at can also be reached by phone at: 613-761-9522

Enjoyable for everyone
Update from the Playroom!

Thank you to everyone who came out to our "It's All Animals" themed day! 

We had a great time learning about all kinds of animals. From farm animals to forest animals to sea animals and more, the children were able to learn animals' different names and explore their similarities and differences while playing with their parents and other children. 

It may have sounded like a zoo in Monarch Hall, but that was the goal!! 

In February, the month of love, the playroom is having a Valentine's Day Party for our Toddlers Program. We will talk about all the things we love about one another while participating in fun Valentine's Day activities. 

Come join us to make valentines for your loved ones, collect hearts during our heart treasure hunt, and much more!

Fun for the whole family

Winterlude is back for another season of winter family fun!

This is the 40th anniversary of our yearly winter carnival.

Winterlude takes place along the world's largest skating rink, the Rideau Canal Skateway, and sites across the Capital.

Fantastic ice carvings by artists from around the world fill Confederation Park in downtown Ottawa.

A gigantic snow playground - Snowflake Kingdom - welcomes kids of all ages to Jacques Cartier Park in downtown Gatineau.

The Winterlude mascots - the Ice Hogs family - are reputed to live in Snowflake Kingdom where they love to play in the snow and meet families having fun. They also like to visit the other official Winterlude sites including the Rideau Canal Skateway and Confederation Park.

Winterlude has been celebrated in Ottawa and Gatineau for 40 years!

Check here to find out what activities are planned for each day of Winterlude.

Every Monday
Looking for a Faith Community  that is  fun and family-friendly?

Join us for Messy Church, Mondays from 5-7 pm!

For more information call: 613-725-1733 ext. 101

Bethany's Alumni Group
KATCH UP - (Keeping Alumni Talking, Connected and Healthy)

Alumni program falls on the last Monday of each month. During this program time alumni families can access:

12:00 to 2:00 Community Food Centre & Baby Cupboard
12:00 to 2:00 Bethany Community Nurse *Occasional parenting workshops and resources will be offered*
For more information call: 613-725-1733

Advertise your skills and knowledge
Need help preparing a résumé?

A résumé is all about getting your foot in the door by advertising yourself - who you are and why you're the best person for a job - to a potential employer. In order to stand out from other applicants, it is important to make a great first impression on paper.

Contact the Learning Coach for help writing your résumé. He'll show you useful resources in the Learning Coach Database that will help you get this job done.

Know your rights and responsibilities
Do you have housing questions?

What information can a landlord ask me for when I apply to rent a place?

Who is responsible for repairs and maintenance?

I can't afford to hire a lawyer. How can I get help with my tenancy issue?

How much can my rent go up?

My landlord is harassing me. What can I do?

Check the Learning Coach Database in the Owl's Perch for answers to these and other housing questions.

Our Health Team is close at hand to look after you and your family
Bruyere Family Health Team: 
Doctor or Nurse Practitioner on site Friday mornings!

 All meetings with the health team are confidential. Available for both adults and children.

Nurse Cathy is available with an appointment or for drop ins on Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday. 

Call the clinic at 613-725-1733 ext. 201

The Learning Coach - (613) 799-2668 (voice or text)

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