May 2019


Our next Learning Day will be held on Monday, July 8th at Highfield Park, Hook, (£80 members, £100 non-members, 10am-4pm). The theme for this day will be the dynamics of Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) in groups and we will be led by highly experienced facilitator Colin Heyman.
" I remember working with a young woman who worked in a large engineering company and whose role included facilitating Risk Assessment meetings. I was struck by (amongst other issues) what it was like for a young woman to be facilitating a group of mainly older men to do something they didn't really want to do; and how different the dynamics might have been if she had been an older man."
We will be exploring:
  • What comes 'at you' because of the group you belong to? What difference does it make if you are a woman, black, disabled etc.? And what are the challenges of being a man, white, able-bodied?
  • How do issues of race, class, gender, sexual orientation, disability and so on affect the dynamics of the groups that we facilitate?
  • And what do you take into the group because of the group you belong to?
  • How do we facilitate these issues as they arise?  
Colin writes "I am fascinated by how these issues operate within groups. I don't have answers, but I have some ideas and insights and look forward to a day of exploring these questions together with you. I hope to raise our awareness about another aspect of group dynamics which perhaps is too often ignored."

This Learning Day will be useful for anyone who runs groups whether you see yourself as a facilitator, trainer or chair.
Our Learning Days are an excellent day for all facilitators (new, experienced and occasional) to meet, review and share good practice. We anticipate that we will all leave with new ideas, resources and a refreshed practice, having made and renewed our connections.


For our Learning Day in October, we are inviting members to showcase their practice, presenting a live theme or question in order to generate learning for themselves and others.  We tentatively have a morning session offering from a Certificate level peer group on the theme of "Energy in Facilitation". This self-supervising group have been enquiring into what makes some sessions 'energising' and others 'draining'.  Offers for an afternoon session are invited from members.

The Showcase Learning Day will offer both presenters and participants a rich day of enquiry, collaborative learning and a gentle stretch.

Places are limited so please book early to secure a place. To book, please  email us  or call us on 0203 282 7128.  

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Venue: Highfield Park, Hook, Hampshire

Facilitation Skills Training and Consultancy are also available on an in-house basis.