October 2018


Our next Learning Day will be held on Monday, October 8th at Highfield Park, Hook, (£80 members, £100 non-members, 10am-4pm). The theme for this day will be the dynamics of Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) in groups and we will be led by highly experienced facilitator Colin Heyman.

Questions we might explore include:
  • How do issues of race, class, gender, sexual orientation, disability and so on affect the dynamics of the groups that we facilitate?
  • How do our own identities and what comes at us because of our own identities affect our facilitation?
  • How do we facilitate these issues as they arise?   
Colin writes "I am fascinated by how these issues operate within groups.  I don't necessarily have the answers but I do look forward to a day of exploring these questions together with you."

Our Learning Days are an excellent day for all facilitators (new, experienced and occasional) to meet, review and share good practice. We anticipate that we will all leave with new ideas, resources and a refreshed practice, having made and renewed our connections.

Places are limited so please book early to secure a place. To book, please    email us  or call us on 0203 282 7128.  

Also a reminder that if you are an experienced practitioner, whether or not you trained with us, you can undertake our  Practitioner Accreditation process leading to becoming an accredited facilitator as well as the many other benefits gained through a supportive, reflective and rigorous self-assessment process. Our next Practitioner Accreditation Day is 30th October so do register quickly if you are interested.  You will be guided through use of a detailed workbook and several support/supervision calls. 

Bella Mehta & Brian Watts
Association of Facilitators (AoF)
0203 282 7128

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Learning/Taster Day
(£80 members,  £100 non-members, 10am-4pm)
8 October 2018
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Venue: Highfield Park, Hook, Hampshire

Facilitation Skills Training and Consultancy are also available on an in-house basis.