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The United Nations
Sustainable Development Goals
Week 2: Intro to the Goals
This week let's start at the very beginning by introducing your kids to the general concept of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (also known as the SDGs or the Global Goals) and learning about why they're such an important framework to unite the world in collective action!
Thomas and Friends partnered with the United Nations to help teach young students and their families about the Global Goals and inspire meaningful conversations within families about these important topics.

This resource highlights six of the Goals with short, fun videos to educate young learners, and it is accompanied by a Parent Guide that includes conversation starters and playful learning opportunities.
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This book was created to simplify the lesson of the global goals so younger students can relate to and better understand the Sustainable Development Goals. The book ( available in free ebook format ) aims to raise awareness of the SDGs in a fun, colourful and relatable way.

Frieda develops a global perspective and is encouraged to take action against the biggest issues of our day, from combating climate change and protecting endangered species to ending poverty and fighting inequality.

Follow up
After reading Freida Makes a Difference, there are four activities in the SDG Family Pack that are a great way to consolidate learning, and continue to engage young learners:

  • Guess the SDG icon! (Activity 1)
  • What do you see through the global goals glasses? (Envisioning your 2030) (Activity 2)
  • Colouring poster: consider each element of your plate (Activity 3)
  • Every Plate tells a story: draw and rate a meal of your choice (Activity 4)
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Check out this wonderful collection of stories and comics that allow students to engage with many of the themes addressed within the Global Goals through the power of storytelling.

A great comic to start with would be Heroes for Change , which gives an introduction to how the SDGs came to be and how important they are for improving the world we live in!
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Grades 3-6
The free and fully downloadable “Go-Goals!” SDG board game helps students understand the Sustainable Development Goals, how the global aims impact their lives and what they can do every day to help achieve the 17 Goals by 2030.

Game is for 2-6 Players
Time: 30-60 Minutes

Note: You may see a popup that says you must register to download the game—you can ignore this! Download is free and open with no registration required.
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Check out our interactive lesson adaptation of The Introduction to The Global Goals .

This lesson adaptation gives students an overview of the global goals, features Malala's introduction to the Global Goals, and invites students to envision a better world by drawing a comic strip that may address some problems facing their community.

This resource includes several follow up games & quizzes that give students an opportunity to assess their understanding of the 17 SDGs!
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Grades 9-12
This is a good introductory resource to help high school students define global issues and understand their interconnections.

Students develop criteria for determining what makes an issue global in scope, brainstorm and list global issues, group and prioritize the issues into categories such as Environment, Health, Human Rights, Energy, Food, Economics, Governance to highlight interconnections and explore solutions.

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Grades 9-12
This mobile app serves as a go-to place for information, updates and progress reports regarding the 17  Sustainable Development Goals . Students can set preferences to receive the latest news on only those goals that are of particular interest to them. For students and teachers looking for easy and immediate access to descriptions and targets for all of the goals and to find out what’s being done locally and globally to achieve them, this app should be of particular interest.
Action Inspiration
Check out some at-home action inspiration in this graphic of 170 Global Actions ! Identify all the actions that are still possible when making changes from home, and post on the app about any actions you take.

The Lazy Person's Guide to Saving the World is really anything but! It's far from lazy to try to take action from home when we're all collectively doing our part to social distance from one another to save lives! Consider what these actions mean in the context of the Global Goals—how could simple changes like these make big waves when the world works together as a community?
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