September 17, 2015

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Gold Star Family Day is less than two weeks awayOur goal is to have as many communities as possible in each state support the families of our fallen heroes. There is power in numbers and together we can show Gold Star families that we are a grateful nation. Learn more in our first article. 

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Gold Star Luminary Initiative

"Greater love has no one than this: to lay down one's life for one's friends." 
--John 15:13 (NIV)

It could be argued that an even greater love does exist; that of a parent for their child. Tragically, in the last decade, almost 7,000 families have been forced to deal with the utterly devastating heartbreak that accompanies that love as their children laid down their lives for their country.

Most of us have not experienced this tragedy. Most of us never will. We can't relate personally or begin to imagine what that must be like. What we can do, however, is honor and recognize these families. We can thank them for the sacrifices they and their children have made on our behalf. We can let them know that, no matter what, we support and stand behind them as a country and that, if even just for a day, their burden is our burden too.

We ask that you light a luminary on Gold Star Family Day. Please pledge your support of this special day and encourage your community to light luminaries, honoring members of all branches of the service, including those who have lost the fight after struggling to reintegrate into civilian life. Our goal is to have as many communities as possible in each state support the families of our fallen heroes. There is power in numbers and together we can show Gold Star families that we are a grateful nation.

*Image info: Luminaries from the 2014 Columbia, Missouri Luminary Initiative event. 

Suicide Prevention Month:  Clay Hunt Suicide Prevention for American Veterans Act 

As September is National Suicide Prevention Month, we'd like to look back at some of the strides that have been made over the past year in the fight against veteran suicides. This piece looks at important legislation that was passed earlier this year:

On January 12, 2015, the House of Representatives unanimously passed the Clay Hunt Suicide Prevention for American Veterans (SAV) Act, H.R. 203, which was signed into law one month later on February 12. On February 3, 2015, the Senate unanimously passed a similar bill.

The bill, named after a Marine veteran who committed suicide in 2011, is designed to help combat veteran suicides, and is being praised by veterans and suicide prevention groups as a victory in the war against this on-going problem.

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*Image info:  President Barack Obama signs the Clay Hunt Suicide Prevention for American Veterans Act (U.S. government photo)
Learning More About the Corps: Hispanic Heritage Month

This Tuesday, September 15, marked the beginning of 2015's "Hispanic Heritage Month." Over the course of the month, events will be taking place nationwide to recognize and celebrate the contributions made by, and important presence of,  Hispanic and Latino Americans, as well as to celebrate their heritage and culture. In honor of Hispanic Heritage Month, we'd like to take this opportunity to discuss the legacy of Hispanic-Americans in the Marine Corps. 

Hispanic-Americans and persons of Hispanic descent have a long, proud history in the United States Marine Corps. According to , Hispanics accounted for approximately 12% of the Corps in 2013, the largest percentage of any minority group in the Marines. In 2002, President George W. Bush issued an order to speed up the process of citizenship for immigrants serving in the nation's military services in 2002, meaning that the percentage of Hispanic Marines will most likely increase moving forward.

*Image info: Pfc. Harold Gonsalves lost his life and was awarded the Medal of Honor for his actions during the Battle of Okinawa in WWII. (Photo Courtesy of USMC)
Marine Corps News: Marine Corporal Killed in Training Accident

Last Thursday, September 10, 18 Marines were injured and one was killed in a training accident at Camp Pendleton, California .

After a multi-ton truck flipped on a paved road, six of the injured Marines were listed in critical condition, eight were listed in stable condition, and four were treated for minor injuries and discharged from medical facilities in San Diego County.

In addition to the 18 Marines who were injured, Corporal Bryan Michael Lauw, of Denham Springs, Louisiana was killed in the accident. Lauw, an anti-tank missileman from the division's 1st Light Armored Reconnaissance Battalion, had served aboard an America-class amphibious assault ship  during a transit around South America.

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*Image info: A Marine 7-ton truck like the one above crashed and rolled over at Camp Pendleton, California, Thursday, killing Cpl. Bryan Michael Lauw of Denham Springs, Louisiana, and injuring 18 others. (Photo: Lance Cpl. Dalton Precht/Marine Corps)
This Week in Marine Corps History: Marines Capture Wolmi-do Island
Sixty-five years ago this week, on September 15, 1950, the  3rd Battalion, 5th Marines captured Wolmi-do Island in Inchon Harbor prior to the main landing.

That same day, the 1st Marine Division under the command of Major General Oliver P. Smith landed at Inchon in what is widely viewed as one of, if not the greatest, amphibious assaults of the 20th Century, and began the Inchon-Seoul campaign.

*Image info:  U.S. Marines stand guard over Korean prisoners of war on Wolmi-do Island after capturing the Island in 1950. (USMC photo)
This Week in Marine Corps History: Marines Raid Pirate Stronghold

Two-hundred and one years ago, on September 16, 1814, a detachment of Marines from the Naval Station at New Orleans under the command of Major Daniel Carmick, together with an Army detachment, destroyed a pirate stronghold at Barataria, on the Island of Grande Terre, near New Orleans. The stronghold was commanded by the famous pirate Jean Lafitte.

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*Image info:  Marine Corps Maj. Daniel Carmick. (USMC photo)
This Week in Marine Corps History:  Military Operations in Urban Terrain Training Facility Dedication

Twenty-five years ago tomorrow, September 18, marks the 25th anniversary of the dedication of a 40-acre  training facility for Military Operations in Urban Terrain (MOUT) at Camp Lejeune, North Carolina. The dedication took place in a ceremony presided over by then-Commandant of the Marine Corps, General Alfred M. Gray.

*Image info: Corporal Tanner Pollock, holds security while Lance Cpl. Ryan Zerites calls in a 9-line medical evacuation request during Military Operations in Urban Terrain, or MOUT, training aboard Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune, North Carolina, April 8, 2015.
Learning More About the Corps: Eagle, Globe, and Anchor

The origins of the eagle, globe, and anchor insignia worn by Marines can be traced to those ornaments worn by early Continental Marines as well as to the British Royal Marines.

In 1776, Marines wore a device depicting a fouled anchor. Changes were made to that device in 1798, 1821, and 1824. An eagle was added in 1834. The current insignia dates to 1868 when Brigadier General Commandant Jacob Zeilin convened a board “to decide and report upon the various devices of cap ornaments of the Marine Corps.” 

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*Image info:  January 12, 2015 Photo Copyright Renee Benson. Used with permission. Omaha, Nebraska.
Operation Prayers and Letters 

So far, Operation: Prayers and Letters has sent almost 99,100 hand-written cards and letters to recovering warriors. We have less than one month left to reach our goal, so we need your help!

These cards and letters may not seem like much to those of us on the outside looking in, but the recovering warriors who receive them, as well as those who are involved in their respective recovery processes, such as family members, volunteers, and medical professionals, will attest to the impact these cards and letters can have.

Perhaps no participant in the program exemplifies this more than long-time Operation: Prayers and Letters participant Sergeant Eddie. Eddie was shot twice in the head in 2005. Initially, doctors weren't sure if he would survive and thought that if he did, the damage would be so severe that he wouldn't be able to remember his parents or do much of anything. In typical Marine fashion, Eddie refused to give up and the strides he has made in his recovery since then are remarkable (he even participated in the 2010 Marine Corps Marathon).

Eddie joined Operation: Prayers and Letters in 2009 and he and his family have absolutely loved the cards, letters, prayers, and support they have received over the last six years. Two years ago, Eddie's mother, Angela, wrote us a letter that highlights how important and appreciated this support has been:

"I would like to first thank all [of] our dear Operation PAL writers. The cards and letters we receive are wonderful! The Sgt. looks forward to them and is able to read them aloud to us. As the packets come in, we put aside a special time in the evening to "read the mail" and I can't begin to tell you how really nice it is.

It warms my heart so because I think back to the time when the doctors said that IF Eddie lived, he would not remember who he was or who his parents were and pretty much not be able to do anything - and, so, when we see the amazing will and determination he has and all that he has gone through and still goes through.....we are so inspired and blessed. All the wonderful friends that write (and a lot of them we've come to know very well) help Eddie to stay strong and motivated and is driven by that connection - it's so fantastic!! We feel so much joy for him. Please let all our writers know how much we appreciate the lovely cards, letters and drawings....each is read, enjoyed and saved!"

Letters such as this show the impact Operation: Prayers and Letters can have during the recovery process. We have two weeks until our October first deadline and we're still 900 cards and letters away from reaching our goal of 100,000. Thank you to everyone who has written in the past, and we know with your help we can make one final push to get us over the finish line!

*Image info: Eddie and his running partner, Bryan, at the 2010 Marine Corps Marathon
Meet the Team: Team Collins
Team Marine Parents™ (TMP) is a group of individuals, generally parents, family, and friends of Marines, who participate in athletic events nationwide to support our troops. The mission is to raise funds and awareness of the organization's outreach programs.  Currently, there are over 50 members of Team Marine Parents™ around the country.

This week's TMP featured partic ipant is a Marine supporter from New Jersey--Team Collins.

"Team Collins" consists of husband and wife Mike & Carol, their three "awesome sons, one of whom became a Marine in February of this year, and a loyal dog named Bude. This October, Mike and Carol will proudly represent 'Team MarineParents in the 40th annual Marine Corps Marathon.'

This will be Mike's eighth marathon and Carol's first. And although an injury has hampered Carol's training plan, she has faith she'll be healthy enough to run next month.

Thanks for being a part of the team Team Collins, and good luck in October!

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