Celebrating Black History Month

Through Literacy


In this month’s newsletter, we’re celebrating Black History Month with a collection of resources that explore diversity considerations in literacy instruction and celebrate Black history and culture. We encourage you to look for opportunities to include these resources throughout the year and across your curriculum!

Celebrating and Learning About Black History and Culture

Visit Reading Rockets to watch interviews with celebrated Black children's authors and illustrators; browse book titles related to Black history and culture; find classroom activities to ensure students get the most out of black history and Black History Month; and more!

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Kareem Weaver, WNY Science of Reading Conference 2022, "Literacy as a Civil Right"

Kareem Weaver

Keynote, WNY Science of Reading Conference

Literacy as a Civil Right.

Watch as Kareem Weaver, the Opening Keynote Speaker at the WNY Science of Reading Conference speaks on "Literacy as a Civil Right."

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Learning for Justice

Reading Diversity

Learn how to use Reading Diversity to select texts that reflect students' identities and offer them windows into the diverse lived experiences of others.

Or, go directly to the easy fill-in tool to help you enhance reading diversity in your classroom.

More From NCIL Staff

Shining a (Glaring) Light on Educational Inequities in Reading

Shining a (Glaring) Light on Educational Inequities in Reading

Watch the first video in our Reading the Room Discussion Series where Panelists present data illustrating some of the most glaring problems with educational inequity in reading, and discuss approaches for building educational equity through policy, partnerships, and practice.

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Dr. Lakeisha Johnson, Discusses Cultural Considerations for Diverse Readers

This video discusses evidence-based assessment and treatment practices that practitioners can utilize when working with speakers of African American English and other non-mainstream dialects.

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