Bridge the Gap Campaign and Virtual Event
Our Bridge the Gap event is next week! 

This week, we are turning our focus to the Supervisor-Supervisee relationship as we introduce Barbara Connolly and Travis Sturdivant. Barbara supervises Travis, a senior at Cristo Rey Boston, in his Corporate Work Study Program (CWSP) placement in the Estimating Department at BOND Building Construction, Inc.

While Barbara provides technical support and training to Travis, she has also become a mentor. 

We are thrilled to have Supervisors like Barbara, who go the extra mile to ensure our students' success- not only on the job site, but in their college and career plans as well. 

Unfortunately, COVID- 19 has greatly hampered the ability of many companies to host students at this time- for that reason, we invite you to join us as we Bridge the Gap by making a donation today!  

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Rosemary J. Powers

PS: Join us next week on Wednesday, October 21 at 5 PM for our Bridge the Gap Celebration! 

Barbara Connolly: 
From CWSP Supervisor to Mentor and "Work Mom"

Under Barbara Connolly's guidance, students like Travis are receiving a behind-the-scenes look at planning and executing construction projects, and gaining firsthand knowledge of the estimating process. 
Barbara Connolly
Estimating Manager
BOND Building Construction, Inc.
In the Estimating Department at BOND Building, we "feed' the machine. Virtually all projects come through our department. We perform takeoff (which is counting items), measuring areas, and anticipating scope of work *not* shown on construction documents. We then assign dollar values to each line item and assemble qualifications to help inform the design team and owner. The bulk of our work is preconstruction which brings us from preliminary ideas through 100% construction documents. Our job is to keep the team informed relative to costs and to help maintain the budget. No owner has unlimited funds!
Our expectation for Travis is the same as any of the college co-ops we have working for us. Travis joined our team and immediately jumped into learning OST (on screen takeoff). With every take-off  effort, he's learning how to read blueprints. Travis has attended project meetings to review our estimate status. Travis is expected to take notes at these meetings, like any other team member. He has reconciled his takeoffs with other team members and even started some estimates using his own takeoffs. 
Currently, Travis is the only intern or co-op in our department. I find having inexperienced folks working alongside of us helps all of us to elevate our work. I need to be able to explain the task at hand and teach anything that isn't currently known in order for employees to be and feel productive.
I highly recommend hiring a Cristo Rey student. They bring another, fresh perspective which enhances all of us. I find it incredibly rewarding to teach and hopefully influence young folks to achieve and not be afraid to reach their goals. Sometimes, all it takes is one person to make the difference.
Help us Bridge the Gap to ensure that our students can continue their education at Cristo Rey Boston! 

Travis Sturdivant: 
CRB Senior and OST Extraordinaire 

Now in his third year at BOND Building, Travis works in the Estimating Department. In the last few months, he has learned how to read blueprints, how to use software for takeoffs, and how to estimate building costs. 
Travis Sturdivant
Class of 2021
Cristo Rey Boston High School 
Last year, I joined Barbara in the Estimating Department, and it totally switched up the ball game. I look at the blueprints and take off individual items to figure out how much things will cost. I was nervous at first, because this whole process was very new for me, but it was interesting. 

At the start, I didn't know how to do any of it, and I was confused. But everyone on the Estimating team was really nice. I work closely with Barbara and Rosie, and I feel like I can always ask questions when I don't know something. Sometimes I ask questions and they don't know the answers either, so we look it up together!

Barbara has been a big mentor in my life. I look up to her a lot, and she is
Travis reads a blueprint during a BOND staff meeting
always looking out for me. She's like another Mom to me- she's my "Work Mom." 
Each week, I join the team for a meeting and discuss my projects and how I can get better. Now, I feel much more confident performing takeoffs, and I am going back to previous projects to see if I missed anything and how I might improve. 

Overall, I feel more confident. At first, I didn't know what I wanted to do and I felt a little lost, but now I know what I want to do, and I can keep moving forward. 

Did you enjoy hearing about Travis and his CWSP experience? 
Tune on Wednesday, October 21 for our Bridge the Gap event to hear the full interview! 

What Can You Do Now?

The impact of the coronavirus crisis on our Corporate Work Study Program has left us with a deficit of over $1m in our budget. 
We need to "Bridge the Gap" to be sure that our students can continue their education at Cristo Rey Boston.

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