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Dear ECC families, 

Happy Tuesday! We hope all our families are well and staying safe. Below are age appropriate activities to supportliteracy, dramatic play, and social/emotional development. Be sure to view our special videos for both Jesus time, story time and zoo phonics. To view these videos, simple click on the underlined Jesus time story and books title. Blessings! 

Jesus Time: Mrs. Stockmeyer
Story Time: Mrs. Platte 
After reading ask your child these questions: 
-   What animals did you see in the book? 
-   What color was the sheep?
-  What color was the cat? 

After reading ask your child these questions: 
-   Who gave Pete the cool, blue, magic sunglasses? 
-   What was wrong with Alligator? 
-   How did Pete break the cool, blue, magic sunglasses? 

Age Appropriate Activities

Letter of the week: Yy
Zoo-phonics with Ms. Katie click here
Click here for a list of the zoo phonics animals, their sounds and movements. 

Infant/Toddler: Reading Pictures and Books 
Notice what your baby is looking at in a book and name that picture. When you name the picture at that moment, they will show interest in it, and they will begin to understand more of your words. Click  here  for more instructions.
Transition/Preschool: Egg Letter Match
What do you do with the empty plastic Easter eggs after your child eats the goodies inside? We have an idea for you! All you need is plastic eggs, a permanent marker and an empty Easter basket (something to hold the eggs). Take each egg and write one letter of the alphabet on it with permanent marker. You’ll write uppercase letters on half and lowercase letters on the other half of the eggs. Take the eggs apart and put them in a basket. Let your child match the uppercase letter to the lowercase letter until they have completed the whole alphabet! You will need 26 eggs to do the entire alphabet. If you are limited on the number of eggs, you can choose what letters your child needs additional help recognizing   or try the letters of their name. Have fun! 

Dramatic Play
Dramatic play develops language skills and helps children learn to cooperate with others.
Infant/Toddler: Banana Phonana
Ring! Ring! Your banana phone is calling, and it wants to have a conversation with your toddler. Turn your banana (or any other object) into a pretend phone. Invite your child to use it to dial a number, talk, text, and take pictures. 
Transition/Preschool: Props for Pretending 
Stock a box with supplies that encourage your child to imagine themselves in different roles. 
Your child’s thinking may expand as they dress up to play various parts. Click  here  for more instructions.

Infant: Baby Massage
No one is too young to enjoy the benefits of a good massage, including your baby! Stimulate your baby's brain and muscles by taking time to give a gentle massage. Talk to your baby about what you are doing. Observe how your baby responds. Massage can be calming for both of you.

Toddler: Reading Emotions 
As you read picture books with your young child, point out the faces of the characters. What types of feelings do their faces show? Invite your child to imitate the face and name the feeling that is associated with that expression. Talk together about why someone might feel that emotion.

Transition/Preschool: Talking About Your Feelings
Drawing a picture first can be a good way for a child to begin to identify and reflect on their feelings. Prompt your child to talk about those feelings by asking questions such as: I notice you look angry in that picture. Why were you angry? Can you tell me about it? How did that make you feel? What did you do when you felt that way? Did that make you feel better?

We would love to see/hear how these activities are going. Feel free to share your experiences on your child’s ClassDojo page. 

Jessica Platte