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Dear ECC families, 

Happy Tuesday! With many children unable to attend school, we put together some learning activities that can be done at home. Below are age appropriate activities to support four main areas of development. These include literacy, mathematics, physical development. Also, we have included a special video for both Jesus time, story time and zoo phonics. To view these videos, simple click on the underlined Jesus time story and books title. Enjoy! 

Jesus Time: Ms. Katie
Story Time: Mrs. Pitters
Infant/Toddler: Ten Pigs by Derek Anderson
After reading, count your child’s ten little toes and ten little fingers. 

Transition/Preschool: A Little Bit Brave by Nicola Kinnear  
After reading ask child theses questions:
- Have you ever felt scared to try something new?
- What did Logan wear outside?
- What animals did Logan see in the cave? 
- Who did Logan give his cookies to? Why? 

Age Appropriate Activities
Zoo-phonics with Ms. Katie click here
Click here for a list of the zoo phonics animals, their sounds and movements. 

Infant/Toddler: What’s Your Name
Use your child’s name in songs, stories, and games to encourage him/her to say it. 
Recognizing and remembering their name helps your child strengthen their self-image. Click  here  to view more instructions.
Transition/Preschool: Letter Tracing
Sunflower seeds, nuts or noodles to trace (small objects), construction paper and a black crayon. Write letters on medium/large pieces of construction paper. Pour sunflower seeds (or whatever you chose to trace with) out on the work surface. Lay different letters out on a flat surface with the tracing objects. Then show your child how we could use the objects to trace the lines of each letter. Talk to your child about the different letters he/she is tracing. To further learning ask them, what starts with the letters they are tracing. 

Infant: Color Toys
Teach color words in context by using them during everyday routines. For example, as your child helps you clean up toys, take the opportunity to describe the toys by their color. "You've got the yellow truck. I have the blue car. Can you hand me the red ball?"

Toddler: Drum Patterns
Pots and other kitchen containers make great drum sets when you turn them upside down! Model a drum pattern and ask your child to repeat it. Get creative with fast and slow beats and loud and soft rhythms.

Transition/Preschool: Pizza Counting
We all know kids like pizza. So why not combine pizza and a skill they need to learn? This pizza counting activity will encourage number recognition and enhance counting skills. You will need a red marker, a black marker, two white paper plates (or two white paper circles) and scissors. Cut one paper plate into pizza slices. You can make 8 pizza slices to practice the numbers 1-8 or just 4 pizza slices if you want to start with a smaller amount of numbers. Then depending upon how many slices you cut, make the same amount of pizza slices on the other paper plate using the black marker (this will be the whole pizza). Then, write a number on each slice on the paper plate that is not cut. On the paper plate that you cut into pieces, use the red marker and draw red circles (represent pepperonis) on each slice to match each one of the numbers on the whole pizza. 

Once your pizza is ready, give your child the whole pizza first. Review the numbers with your child. Then give your child the pizza slices; have them count the pepperonis on each pizza slice. Once they have done with this, they can begin to match the pizza slices to the whole pizza by recounting the pepperonis on each pizza slice and then placing that slice on the whole pizza over the correct number. 

Infant: Holding and Dropping
Offer toys that your baby can close their hand around. This encourages them to use their hands to grasp and release objects. Click  here  to view more instructions. 

Toddler: Making Lines
Give your toddler a crayon, stick, or let them use their finger to make lines on paper, sand, dirty or flour. Describe the marks your child makes. This encourages your child’s awareness of the many kinds of marks that they can later use in drawing or writing. Click  here  to view more instructions. 

Transition/Preschool: Lily Pad Hop
Your child will jump at the chance to be a pretend frog! Make lily pads out of paper and spread them on the floor. Using a regular deck of cards, draw a card. Have your child read the number and then hop on that number of "lily pads." Take a turn yourself! Who will be the first to hop all the way across the "pond?"

We would love to see/hear how these activities are going. Feel free to share your experiences on your child’s ClassDojo page. 

Looking for a good play dough recipe? Click here to fine our favorite recipes! Play dough can be messy but it helps children strengthen their fine motor skills which is essential for writing, cutting, zipping up their coat, etc. Have your child help you make the play dough and bring it outside for a fun sunny day activity. 

Jessica Platte