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Dear ECC families, 

Happy Tuesday! Below are age appropriate activities to support literacy, mathematics and physical development. This week we have included a fun outdoor activity to enjoy with your family. Be sure to view our special videos for Jesus time, story time and Zoo-phonics. To view these videos, simple click on the underlined Jesus time story and books title. Enjoy! 

Jesus Time: Mrs. D 
Story Time: Ms. Alesha 
After reading ask your child these questions:
-   What’s one thing Easter morning brings? 
-   What color eggs does Llama Llama find? 
-   What is the big surprise? 

Transition/Preschool: The Napping House by Audrey Wood
After reading ask your child these questions:
-   Who is the first person who comes into the bed with granny? 
-  What animal came in the bed after the cat? 
-  Who bites the mouse? 

Age Appropriate Activities
Letter of the week: Xx (Xavier Fox) 
Zoo-phonics with Ms. Katie Click here
Click here for a list of the Zoo-Phonics animals, their sounds and movements. 

Infant/Toddler: Pat a Cake
Try this simple game to help your child grow his or her ability to think of rhyming words! Place several household items into a bag. Here is a list to get you started: gum, brush, ball, spoon. Ask your child to reach into the bag and take out one item. How many words can he or she think of that rhyme with that object? Try another object from the bag and keep on rhyming!

Transition/Preschool: Rainbow Hop Letter Sounds Game
Start by gathering some supplies. Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple construction paper, a black marker, a die (dice) and a bowl or some other circle template. Use your circle template (bowl) to trace circles on each sheet of paper. You will need 26 circles; 5 red, 5 orange, 4 yellow, 4 green, 4 blue and 4 purple. Next, find a location in your home where you have room and put the circles in rainbow order (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, then purple). When laying the letters out on the floor make the shape of a rainbow. Write one lowercase or uppercase letter on each circle. 
Now let’s play! Have your child start by standing right in front of the letter “a” and toss the die (dice) to find out how many spaces to move. They can walk over each letter or hop. Once they have moved that many spaces, they should name the letter and tell you the sound it makes. This game helps children with letter recognition all while moving their bodies. 

Infant: Two on Me and You
Your baby may be tiny, but you still have a lot in common! Talk about all the ways you are similar. For example, "I have 2 eyes, and you have 2 eyes."

Toddler: Which Lid?
Sorting and matching objects helps your child to explore color, shape, size, and texture. In your kitchen, find some lids and containers of various sizes. Encourage your child to match each lid to the right container.

Transition/Preschool: Leap Frog Measure
Pretend to be frogs! How far can you leap? Using a tape measure, stand next to the zero. Estimate how far you can jump and then take a big leap. Place a rock next to the number where you land. Read the measurement and then take another leap! Which "frog" can jump the farthest?

Infant: Rolling Over 
Move a toy so that your baby will try to turn his body in order to keep the toy in sight. Offering the child a toy in this way gives them a reason to try to roll over. Click  here  to view more instructions. 

Toddler: A Fun Path
Talk about your child’s actions as they go along a path of objects by stepping  over , crawling  under , jumping  in , and climbing  on  them. Your child’s physical skills and awareness of space and positional words will increase. Click  here  to view more instructions.

Transition/Preschool: Move and Say
Invite your child to maneuver through a small obstacle course while you describe his body motions. Your child will gain experience using position words to talk about what he is doing. Click  here  to view more instructions.

Outdoor Activities:  Nature Walk Scavenger Hunt     
With the beautiful spring weather we have been having, take the family outside and go on a nature walk scavenger hunt. By clicking here you will find a list of things you can keep an eye out for. Have fun! 

We would love to see/hear how these activities are going. Feel free to share your experiences on your child’s ClassDojo page. 

Jessica Platte