Vol. 9, Issue 4, September 27, 2018
Hamilton's Labour Market Connection
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In this week's edition: What WPH is learning from local employers; Mega trends in the future of work in Canada; Retain your employees by increasing their well-being on the job.

Discussions with local employers: What you are telling us
Workforce Planning Hamilton staff have been engaging in fascinating conversations with local employers about their labour market challenges in the areas of recruitment, retention, and training and workforce development. The information from the conversations will be used to inform our upcoming Labour Market Plan.

Below are preliminary findings from our discussions with employers in Accommodation and Food Services, and Transportation.

Accommodation and Food Services:
  • Retention issues for chefs and cooks in Hamilton are a challenge. As one employer stated, "Cooks can go anywhere now." As Hamilton's restaurant scene explodes so do the options for chefs and cooks.
  • Employers are willing to provide training for their staff. The challenge is to keep great people in the industry.
  • Other service industries are discovering the benefits of hiring people with food service experience. People's transferable skills are being sought by other sectors.

  • Employers find it very difficult to find AZ and DZ drivers and are not getting enough applicants. Recruitment challenges have increased since the unemployment rate has fallen.
  • Retirements are a concern, most drivers are over the age of 55. The sector is not attracting enough younger drivers.
Stay tuned for our Labour Market Plan to learn more about Hamilton's current labour market.

If you are an employer and want to add your voice to the discussion please call Cyndi at 905-521-5777 ext. 14.
The Future of Work in Canada: Bridging the Gap

A new study by the Labour Market Information Council (LMIC), The Future of Work in Canada: Bridging the Gap, summarizes the key findings and major gaps found in research on the future of work. 

The research reveals three recent megatrends:
1) technological advancement, 2) demographic shifts, and 3) climate change. 

Workforce Planning Hamilton's recent employer consultations to inform our 2018 Labour Market Plan show that demographic shifts are affecting the local labour market. 

As noted in the Future of Work in Canada report, and backed by WPH research, an aging population, and an increased average age of the workforce is having an impact on labour market challenges experienced in Hamilton.

The overlooked essentials of employee well-being
apple heart
As WPH is finding in our recent discussions with employers, retaining talent is becoming increasingly complex. For tips on how to keep your best people this article is helpful as it explores the research that connects two critical contributors to employee engagement—job control and social support, to employee health. 

Described are examples of organizations that are succeeding at providing the autonomy, control, social connections, and support that foster physical and mental well-being. 

Labour Force Information, Hamilton
August 2018
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