December 2019
Fun activities, aligned with the Pennsylvania Early Learning Standards, to help prepare children for school success!
We're learning while in the car or on the bus!
While traveling, take advantage of those who enjoy interacting with babies. Encourage your baby to look at those who greet her and return their smiles.

Some babies respond better to gentle voices and gestures while others prefer more animation. Assist your baby by letting her adjust at her own pace, rather than trying to force her into uncomfortable situations. Give your baby time and reassurance if she is feeling uncomfortable. Try different approaches to meet her needs depending on her stage of development and her social style. Read more!

Take a travel break. In a park, rest stop, or even the less populated corner of a parking lot, get out of the car and encourage your toddler to move. Have him pretend he's a little bird and flap his fingers, then a bigger bird (flap his hands), and then an even bigger bird (flap his arms). Read more!

Before your trip, help your preschooler cut out pictures from a magazine of things she might see while in the car, such as a stop sign, a bicycle, a bus, etc. and store in an envelope or plastic zip-top bag. Allow your preschooler to help pack a bag to take on the trip. Include special items to help her feel at home, as well as some surprises. Read more!

Give your kindergartner a puppet while traveling. Have the puppet sing the alphabet and count to ten. Ask the puppet to name as many colors as it can. 

Using a book, have the puppet read the story. (See the book list below for some great suggestions!) The puppet can sing children's songs or say nursery rhymes as well. Use different voices to increase your kindergartner's interest in the activity. 

Use the puppet to teach your kindergartner a new skill, or increase his communication by teaching him a new sign. Read more!
10 Books About Riding in the Car or on the Bus
Cars and Trucks and Things That Go    by Richard Scarry
The Wheels on the Bus    by Paul O. Zelinsky
The School Bus Driver from the Black Lagoon    by Mike Thaler
Wee Sing in the Car    by Wee Sing
Riding In My Car    by Woody Guthrie
Don't Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus    by Mo Willem
Follow That Bus!    by Pat Hutchins
Rattletrap Car    by Phyllis Root
My Car    by Byron Barton
The Berenstain Bears and Too Much Car Trip    by Stan and Jan Berenstain

Featured Article: Watch Out for Winter Germs!
Colds, coughs and runny noses are more common in the winter than in any other season. Poor circulation of air, dry heated air and crowded indoor spaces make it easier to share germs that make people sick. Find out how you can help keep your child safe from colds, the flu and respiratory syncytial virus (RSV). Read more .
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Top 5 Gifts to Give to a Child This Holiday Season
Need a gift this holiday season for the child in your life?    Learning is Everywhere has the perfect gift list!    Click here to print the list.
Discipline Without Spanking
Spanking a child may increase aggression in a child, and may actually do long term harm to a child, says a  study by the American Academy of Pediatrics  (AAP).

The AAP recently released an updated policy statement about the harmful effects spanking can have on children. The use of spanking is also ineffective in teaching a child responsibility and self-control. New evidence shows that it may actually cause harm by impacting a child's normal brain development.

Research has shown that striking a child, yelling at or shaming them can elevate stress hormones and lead to changes to a child's brain. Harsh verbal abuse is also linked to mental health problems as children get older.

There are other methods that teach children right from wrong and are safer and more effective. Depending on the age and development of a child, other methods may include redirecting their attention, distraction, changing the subject, positive reinforcement, time out and natural consequences. Visit the   PA Promise website   a nd watch the video below for resources related to parenting and discipline.

Contact your   Early Learning Resource Center   for more information about programs to support families in your community.
Keeping Kids Safe with Winter Safety Tips
Whether winter brings severe storms, light dustings or just cold temperatures, the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) has  valuable tips on how to keep your children safe and warm.  
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