November 2019
Fun activities, aligned with the Pennsylvania Early Learning Standards, to help prepare children for school success!
We're learning while in the bathroom!
Using a song, describe the different body parts as you wash your baby. For example, sing to him you are washing his ten toes, first his big toes, all the way to his little toes. Then move to his left foot and his left leg, and so on. Or create a routine singing head, shoulders, knees and toes or saying, "This Little Piggy."   Read more.

Use a small bit of shaving cream to make shapes in the tub. If your toddler is hesitant to touch the shaving cream have her use a paintbrush. How many different surfaces will the shaving cream stick to? What happens when it gets wet? What happens when she blows on it? If your toddler is overwhelmed with open-ended questions, simplify by asking yes/no questions. Will the shaving cream stick to the tile? Will the shaving cream stick to the shower curtain? Read more.

Help your preschooler find different shapes in the bathroom. Can he find something that is round, square or rectangle? What shape is the bar of soap, or the top of the shampoo bottle? Allow your preschooler to feel and manipulate each object. Use new words to describe the shapes. Ask questions like, "Are the lines straight or curved?" Talk to your preschooler about the purpose of each item in the bathroom. Describe and introduce the sign for each shape. Read more.

Use a toy boat or plastic container (one that can float) as a boat and have your kindergartner slowly add other items, like toy cars, LEGOs, or other water-friendly toys, until the boat begins to sink. How many can she add until it begins to sink? What happens to the boat if she takes items out of it? Ask her to tell you a story about where the boat is going, or why the objects are on the boat. Read more.
9 Bath Time Books
Tub Toys    by Terry Miller Shannon
Do Pirates Take Baths?    by Kathy Tucker
Bad Kitty Gets a Bath    by Nick Bruel
Puppy Takes a Bath    by Christine Ricci
King Bidgood’s in the Bathtub    by Audrey Wood
Estelle Takes a Bath    by Jill Esbaum
Barnyard Bath!    by Sandra Boynton
Five Little Monkeys Jump in the Bath    by Eileen Christelow
Five Minutes’ Peace    by Jill Murphy

Featured Article: The Benefits of Family Mealtimes
Starting a simple habit with your young child, like regularly eating meals together, can have a life-long impact. A day beginning with breakfast and ending with dinner as a family is more than a benefit of sharing plates of food. It’s an opportunity to bond as a family, teach children table manners, share stories and experiences, and sample and learn about traditions, cultures and foods. But there are even greater benefits of family mealtimes. Read more!
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You & Your Child in the Kitchen: More than just cooking
Share Your Unique Perspective On Your Community
Families, child care providers and community members are invited to share their thoughts on the well-being of families of young children through a new survey from the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia PolicyLab.

Every five years, states have the opportunity to learn about the well-being of families of young children in local communities. The information from this survey will help Pennsylvania understand the resources in each community supporting young children and families, such as childcare or home visiting. Please take 5-7 minutes to share your unique perspective on the community in which you live. This survey is for everyone living or working in Pennsylvania, so please share it with others! Survey responses will be used statewide and locally to inform Family Support Services, like parenting classes and Home Visiting Services.

Child Care Seat Safety
At the   website, sponsored by the PA Chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics, find all types of travel safety information to keep your child safe. Search for car seat recalls, locate a car seat loan program, find a car seat fitting station locations, and access a child car seat technician to ensure the correct installation of a car seat in a vehicle.
Start a Smile Early
Did you know that even before your baby's teeth appear, what you do--or don't do--can impact future teeth? Taking care of your child's smile begins at birth.  Get tips to keep your child's smile healthy.    
Tips for Potty Training
Helping Your Family Prepare for Emergencies with Ready Wrigley
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has created Ready Wrigley to provide parents, guardians, teachers, and young children with tips, activities, and a story to help the whole family prepare for emergencies. Together with your child, join Wrigley as she helps her family prepare for emergencies by staying informed, packing emergency kits, and making a family communication plan. 

The activity book is designed to provide an interactive tool to further your child's education and promote disaster preparedness and safe clean-up in your community. You can share this book with your schools and early learning programs, communities, and families to help children learn the importance of being prepared.    It is available in English and Spanish .
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Is your child now in kindergarten? If so, you should sign up for the FREE monthly Kindergarten, Here I Am eNews!  Each month get activities, tips and resources you can use to help your kindergartner have a great school year. 
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