September 2019
Fun activities, aligned with the Pennsylvania Early Learning Standards, to help prepare children for school success!
We're in the living room!
Put on a music or sing a nursery rhyme and help your baby clap her hands, wiggle her feet, bicycle her legs. Show and help your baby to clap hands, wriggle fingers, twirl, and bob up and down.   Read more!

Save clean containers of all shapes and sizes, like yogurt containers, margarine tubs, and plastic spice jars for your toddler to play with. Talk about which ones are big, and which are little. Encourage and help him put the small container inside the big container or to add items (like blocks) into the containers. Talk about when the items are in and when the items are out of the containers. Let him practice putting the lids on and taking them off.  Read more!

Low-adhesive tape, like masking or painter's tape, can be used to make a road map in the living room. Working with your preschooler, ask her where the roads should go. Will they go over a sofa? Under a table? Behind a chair? Once created, she can use toy vehicles, dolls or toy animals to follow the roads. Ask her where the roads lead and what she will find at the end. Read more!

Share with your kindergartner a measuring tape and show him the numbers. Have him measure different items in the living room and ask questions about the sizes of the different items. How tall is the coffee table? Is it taller than the chair? Which is smaller - a book or a picture frame? How does he know which is smaller? Read more!
12 Family and Friend Books
Ciencia Magica enla sala de estar    by Richard Robinson
Please, baby, please    by Spike Lee and Tonya Lewis Lee
Who’s in my Family    by Robie H. Harris
More More More, Said the Baby: Three Love Stories    by Vera Williams
Annie Rose is My Little Sister    by Shirley Hughes
Lion in the Living Room    by Caelaach McKinna & A. R. Stone
Crazy Hair Day    by Barney Saltzberg
Toot & Puddle You Are my Sunshine    by Holly Hobbie
Guess How Much I Love You    by Sam McBratney
Max’s First Word    by Rosemary Wells
Hunter’s Best Friend at School    by L. M. Elliott
Harold and the Purple Crayon    by Crockett Johnson

Featured Article: Transitions with Young Children
Stopping play to get ready for bed, weaning a baby from a bottle or breast, or starting a new school or child care program. These are all examples of transitions, when one activity or involvement stops, and typically another begins. Transitions in children’s lives range from small transitions, to large transitions and all types in between. 

When a child experiences challenges with transitions, families may see in their child whining, crying, difficulty sleeping or eating, or tantrums.

Visit PA's Promise for Children to see what can impact a child's transition and some helpful tips to make transitions easier for you and your child. Watch the video below  to see how your child’s temperament may impact their behavior and what you can do to support your child.

Did you miss a past featured article in Learning is Everywhere? Now you can find all the Featured Articles in one location
Read Along with PDE's Book Nook
The PA Department of Education (PDE) recently launched an initiative aimed at promoting literacy even when school isn’t in session. With the PDE Book Nook, PDE unveiled a weekly video featuring a prominent Pennsylvanian reading a children’s book to an at-home audience. The initiative kicked off with Secretary Pedro Rivera reading the book, Pete the Cat: Rocking in My School Shoes , one of his personal favorite books to read to young audiences. The PDE Book Nook features several officials from the Wolf Administration reading books related to the work they lead, such as

  • Trooper Brent Miller reads Richard Scarry's A Day at the Police Station
  • DOH Secretary Rachel Levine reads Charlotte Cowan's Katie Caught a Cold
  • Executive Deputy Secretary of Education Dr. David Volkman reads Natasha Wing's The Night Before the Fourth of July
  • Corrections Secretary Secretary John Wetzel reads Becky Birtha's Far Apart, Close in Heart: Being a Family when a Loved One is Incarcerated
  • Environmental Protection Secretary Patrick McDonnell reads Sesame Street's The Monster at the End of This Book
  • Commissioner for Libraries Glenn Miller reads Lindsay Barrett George's Inside Mouse, Outside Mouse

The videos are accessible on PDE’s  Twitter Facebook , and  YouTube pages. Visit your local library to borrow a copy of the book and read along!
There's still time to apply for Competence and Confidence: Partners in Policymaking, Early Intervention
There's still time to apply to be a part of Competence and Confidence: Partners in Policymaking, Early Intervention (C2P2 EI)! Families of children who receive Infant-Toddler Early Intervention or Pre-School Early Intervention services are invited to apply to be a part of  Competence and Confidence: Partners in Policymaking, Early Intervention (C2P2 EI) . Families will learn to navigate the Pennsylvania Early Intervention System, identify best practice supports and connect with community resources.

Applicants should be Pennsylvania family members who:
  • Have a child—infant to school age—who receives Early Intervention services.
  • Desire to advocate for themselves and others by building leadership skills.
  • Are willing to COMMIT TO ALL FOUR 2-day trainings. Training are to be held in Harrisburg and will occur October 11-12, December 6-7, March 6-7, and April 3-4. 

Travel and child care expenses are reimbursed, and meals and overnight lodging (for those traveling 40+ miles) are available. Please consider applying and share the  flyer  and  application  with families and friends. Contact Cathy Roccia-Meier at 215-204-1772 or  for more information.
Is Your Family Ready for an Emergency?
September is National Emergency Preparedness Month. Use this month to help your family prepare for an emergency like floods, fires, winter storms and more. 

Check out these resources to help your family prepare for emergencies. 

Buckle Up for Safety
Make sure your child travels safely! Available are  one page graphics   from the Centers of Disease Control that demonstrate how to avoid the most common mistakes while using rear and forward-facing car and booster seats for infants, toddlers, preschoolers and older children. 
The Monster in Your Home
There may be a monster in your home and it's right in front of your eyes! It's your television or tablet! 
Spending time watching TV or using a tablet means your child may not be engaged in creative or learning activities, like reading, playing or just being a kid.
Many homes have one or more TVs or tablets. Too often, a child's free time may center around what's playing on TV or on the tablet. Watching excessive, or inappropriate shows or games can lead to: 
  • violent and aggressive behavior, 
  • obesity, 
  • poor body concept and self-image, and later, 
  • substance abuse and early sexual activity. 

Helping Your New Kindergartner
Did your preschooler enter Kindergarten in the fall of 2019?   Sign up for the FREE monthly Kindergarten, Here I Am eNews !  Each month get activities, tips and resources you can use to help your kindergartner prepare for and have a successful Kindergarten year. 
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