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In partnership with Decade Impact, managing ESG risk through strategic communication.

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Should DEI training include the Jewish experience? 

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Corporate learning opportunity

In the ever-evolving landscape of Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG), business risks associated with greenwashing are on the rise. As a result of mounting litigation, transparent and authentic communication has become a growing service area for Wendolyn's Reputation Management. However, another often overlooked danger is greenblushing—a term describing the reluctance to speak about positive impacts created by a business. This silence creates new risks, with accusations of perceived inaction potentially leading to serious consequences, including supply chain elimination. This risk also requires a communications-based response.

In collaboration with Decade Impact, Wendolyn Reputation Management is launching 1-hour in-person and online information sessions for legal and business advisors starting in January 2024.

These sessions will cover:

Utilizing ESG targets for measurable business results:

  • Understand how ESG targets are used to show tangible, measured business outcomes.

Emerging business and legal risks in an ESG-driven world:

  • Explore two types of business risks in a society increasingly responsive to environmental, social, and governance statements.

Best practices for effective communication and risk mitigation:

  • Learn how to position, message, and communicate data-driven results to help mitigate legal and business risks.

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Should DEI training include the Jewish experience?

Legal counsel, business advisors, industry professionals and student advocates have contacted me with an important question. Should, and how can, organizations leverage their existing DEI training programs to include the complex topic of antisemitism? Please reach out to discuss these questions or to request a meeting with your DEI committees or management. 

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to end the year!

Thank you, Level Up Magazine, for listing Wendolyn Reputation Management in your global roundup of 'Top PR Companies That Can Help Build Your Brand!' I am particularly grateful to be recognized for first-in-kind services like ESG communications packages and our training product combining verbal and non-verbal communications for corporate spokespersons.

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Wendolyn Reputation Management and Wendy Kauffman as its founder, are committed to UN Sustainable Development Goal #10, Reducing Inequalities. This commitment includes annually volunteering over 50 hours and donating 1% of profits to organizations forwarding equality in their workplaces or communities. Thank you to all the cheerleaders, referral sources, advisors, and clients who have made this year such a wild success and enabled me to meet this commitment.

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