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" Make A Plan"
I CAN...
As we continue to highlight the new Navigating Autism section of our website, we will be introducing you to information and toolkits to help you on your autism journey. While written with parents/caregivers in mind, the information can be useful and beneficial to providers, other family members, and individuals.

This week we are highlighting "I Can...Make A Plan". In this section of the website we provide information and tools to assist you in developing a plan for your child.  Creating a plan for your child with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) is an important key step in assuring that your goals and priorities for your child and family are addressed.  It also enables you to identify what you as a parent(s) or primary caregiver see as priorities. It helps you put all this information into one plan that you can share with educators, professionals, and others who provide support to your child and family.

In this section, we introduce you to key areas that research indicates are important for a comprehensive program/plan for an individual with ASD. We recommend reviewing these areas as you consider goals and priorities for your child. These areas include:

The Big Four:
The Big Four are key areas that research indicates are critical to decreasing the likelihood that a child with ASD will have problem behavior.  

Essential Skills for Everday Life:
The Essential Eight are skill areas that are critical to living a happy and productive life. Some of these skills areas overlap with the Big Four.  

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Coming Next Week!
Next week we will introduce you to "I Can...Learn About Family Health & Wellbeing". Parents, siblings, grandparents, and extended family may all need information and support at different times and in different ways while they help their loved one with ASD thrive.

The purpose of this section of the website is to provide information and resources for you and the members of your family as you navigate your way on your family’s autism journey.  

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We Have Free Webinars Available
Our recorded webinars are now available to watch on our website under our Navigating Autism section. The free webinars are as follows:

  • Learn About Autism Spectrum Disorders-"Let's Talk Autism"

  • Advocate & Form Partnerships-"Partnering With Parents"(Parts 1 & 2)

  • Learn Helpful Everyday Strategies-"Everyday Strategies", "Challenging Behavior", & "Proactive Parenting"

  • Make A Plan-"Finding a Place in the World-Transition to Adulthood"

To access the webinars:
https://okautism.org/Information-Resources/Navigating-Autism (and click on the named puzzle piece)
Stay safe and healthy!
The Oklahoma Autism Network Team