Issue No. 193 | Apr. 30, 2020
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Weekly Reading
"Learning to Attack in Order to Defend"
This week we recommend reading this 《问答神州》interview with Fang Binxing (方滨兴), former Principal of Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications known for his contribution to China's Internet censorship infrastructure. He is also known as the "Father of China's Great Fire Wall."

In the Q&A , Fang states, "很多地方的老师不太懂攻击,也不太敢教攻击。但是你不知道攻击,就不知道怎么防御。" He also expresses that "globalization has been kidnapped by politics" (全球化逐渐被政治绑架) and discusses how this influences China's internet access.

Next, you can read the Cybersecurity review measures ( 网络安全审查办法 ) released on April 27 by the Cybersecurity Administration of China, along with the English translation by China Law Translate .
俗语 from Xi Jinping's Speeches
yīn dì zhì yí

Meaning : Suit one's measures to local conditions

Original : "我们加强党对脱贫攻坚工作的全面领导,建立各负其责、各司其职的责任体系,精准识别、精准脱贫的工作体系,上下联动、统一协调的政策体系,保障资金、强化人力的投入体系, 因地制宜 、因村因户因人施策的帮扶体系,广泛参与、合力攻坚的社会动员体系,多渠道全方位的监督体系和最严格的考核评估体系,为脱贫攻坚提供了有力制度保障。"

Source : 习近平:在打好精准脱贫攻坚战座谈会上的讲话 published April 30, 2020; original released February 12, 2018.
Food, Glorious Food
It's also important to expand your culinary vocabulary in Chinese. Here's a short list of Chinese recipes, videos and resources.

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