At Ocaquatics Swim School, our main goal is that every child can jump
 in any body of water and return to the wall consistently and unassisted. Today in our Ocaquatics Online School, we will be learning how to do JUMPS to practice this safety skill!

  • Start by practicing without going under water to help your child get comfortable.
  • Once they are comfortable submerging, you can start slowly going under.
  • When they are ready, you can teach them to go underwater, then turn back to the wall for safety.
  • Once they are comfortable with that, they can start jumping in the water,
then returning to the wall.
  • If they know how to take a breath by rolling over, you can practice having them jump in, rollover to take a breath, then swim back to the wall.

Have FUN practicing at home! We look forward to seeing your videos!
Fun Feed the Shark Color Sorting Game
Our friends at Hunny I'm Home love coming up with activities that are fun and educational, which is why this cute shark color sorting game is perfect! It’s great for helping your toddler or preschooler grasp a variety of concepts, and have fun while they’re doing it!
Click HERE or on the images to see the instructions!
Ocaquatics Swim School will not be charging tuition until we reopen the pools. Our Online School is a completely FREE resource. We want to help our swimmers and our families any way that we can during this uncertain time. Please stay safe!
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