December 2016 Vol.9 Issue 4
Dear Friends ,

This is a season of good will and charity, the spirit of Christmas. But as my wife, Judy, and I learned in our two-year journey through interfaith seminary, every major faith tradition in the world has at its core two major tenets. The first is that we hold Spirit (God, our conscience, the still quiet voice within) above all else. The second is that we treat others the way we wish to be treated.

In addition to Christmas, this is the time of year for Hanukkah for the Jewish faith, the Feast of Sacrifice and Eid ul-Fitr for the Islamic faith, and a celebration of the winter solstice for many others. All urge charity to those who are less fortunate.

When I counsel Boy Scouts who are earning the Citizenship in the World merit badge, I urge them to think of those things that bind us together as human beings, not our differences. Whatever their faith or culture, all human beings want to be free from hunger and poverty, to have educational opportunities, to be able express themselves freely, and to provide well for their children.

When we acknowledge our common ground, we can move to consensus and be the change that we would like see in the world. Let us hold this thought in our hearts during this season, as well as the coming year.

Blessings of the Season to you and your families.

Oh, the possibilities!

David G. Hunt
Lease Abstracts - As Essential as Signing the Lease
 by David Hunt
Q: We have just signed a lease for our business. Aside from important dates, such as the lease expiration, what else should be included in a lease abstract?

145 Pinelawn Road
Melville, NY
   2,210 Square Feet of Office Space 
for Sub-Lease

Electronic Printing moved to 50 Keyland Court, Bohemia .
L&J Restaurant Equipment purchased 350 Eastview Drive, Central Islip.
Sterling Cutter leased at 836 Grundy Avenue, Holbrook.
CLW Distributors purchased 110 Schmitt Boulevard, Farmingdale.

City  Address               Property Type  Size SF   Office SF Acres Total  Sold Price/SF  Sold Date 
Hicksville 940 South Oyster Bay Road Industrial 74,000 9,000 3.22 $110.81
1440 Church Street Industrial 16,500 1,780 1.1 $96.06 11/3/2016
Holtsville 39 Barretts Avenue Industrial 16,400
190 Earle Avenue
Industrial 7,330

Central Islip

50 Windsor Place Industrial 10,000 1,015 2 $157.50 10/26/2016
1307 Walt Whitman Road Office

19.30 $125.77
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