There is no greater gift you can give or receive than to honor your calling. It's why you were born.
~Oprah Winfrey
Hey Sis!

Wow! It's March. Time is NOT waiting and neither should we! Don't lose sight . Don't break the promises you made to yourself at the start of this year! Keep that vision in the forefront of your mind.

March is Women's History Month. It's a time to honor the vital roles women have played in making the world a better place. A time to shine the light on the known, and the unknown contributors who fought for peace and equality. In other words, women who have left a lasting legacy, or what I like to refer to as a heel print.

Have you ever thought about what you are leaving behind, your heel print? It doesn't need to be anything worthy of world notoriety, it could be a simple act of kindness, or being a voice that speaks out.

Last year my High School (Go Sexton Big Reds!) had our class reunion. Although, I didn't attend I kept up via the Facebook group page. One classmate shared a time when he was being teased and bullied in High School for wearing shoes with holes, and clothes that were not in style. He described how difficult things were for him at that time. But, one day a fellow classmate (a female) came to his defense, and saved the day!

He never forgot it! That sister left her heel print in his life! Interestingly enough, she doesn't recall the incident, but he clearly remembered, because of the lasting effect it had. Perhaps, what she did reminded him that he mattered. That he was important enough to defend. Do you know that all a person is looking for at times is for someone to acknowledge them. That's it!? Just. See. Me. See that I am here! See and encourage the good in me.

Can you think of a coach, teacher, family member, or friend who said or done something that has remained with you through out the years? You can have, or could have had that same impact without remembering or realizing it. What we might dismiss, is everything to the recipient.

Therefore, here are a few ways we can leave our heel print even when the world may never get wind of it!

  1. Treat ALL people with kindness.
  2. Don't be afraid to speak up on behalf of another.
  3. Be approachable. Welcome people into your presence. Make them feel special, it could change how they see you, or maybe how they see people "like you."
  4. Smile. Smiles are like the the sun. It has the ability to warm our souls and remind us that everything is going to be ok.
  5. Inspire and encourage the young. How many times have you heard celebrities give credit to a music teacher, or a coach for where they are today? They may began with, "If Ms. Smith would have never told me that I was somebody I would have never pursued my talent, or it was coach Davis that gave me the confidence to try out for team "

Of course, there are many others way to influence, like when I send out emails. At times I feel like it's a waste, but then I will hear back from some of you letting me know about a heel print, which give me the strength to keep high stepping.

Therefore, it's important for us to be mindful of the heel prints we are leaving behind as we walk forward. God bless!

Until next time I will be praying yours and I hope you are praying mine.

MARCH 9TH, 2019
GET READY! In lieu of our regularly scheduled afternoon meet-up we are going to a play, THE CHAIN BREAKER! It's a play centered around women who are battling mental illness, and when they check in to a hospital for help they discover the power of sisterhood and healing. If you are interested in attending please let me know ASAP. Tickets are $36, and we would like to get our seats close together. See flyer below for more info
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