Leaves Be Gone
We've parked our leaf truck for the season, and we don't plan to bring it out again for at least a couple of months. Hopefully you were able to deposit your leaf piles at the curb in time for collection. If you didn’t get your leaves out in time, once the “snow” is all melted away, bag your leaves out and place the at the curb. We pick up bagged organics all year long. While we’re talking about collection, we want to remind everyone to please NOT PLACE ANYTHING IN YOUR LEAF PILE OTHER THAN LEAVES. Any item in a leaf pile other than leaves, like bricks for example, can break the machine and cost a lot of time and money. Don't worry, we'll remind you of this before we fire the leaf truck up again. our next collection. #ComeOnMan #TwoBricksInAPileThisWeek #LeafCollectionMeansLeafCollection

Back Together Again
City Council met on Tuesday night this week #Mondaywasaholiday. The meeting began with recognition for our police department receiving re-accreditation and our park maintenance staff for their awesome work on the inclusive playground. GREAT job by our police folks and park maintenance staff! Council then heard a presentation on a policy recommendation from the Planning Commission regarding Public Art. While they didn’t take action on it, they did direct staff to bring back a resolution at the March meeting for them to consider. #muralsandstatues #paintingthetown

How about that. A week after we remind (pun intended) everyone of our winter weather procedures we get winter weather. This comes a week after several days that approached 70 degrees. Remember that false spring we talked about last week? It's a real thing people. #Don'tStopBelievin #Journey #1981 #WinterInTheSouth

Parking Permit Renewal
It’s time to renew your parking permit! As a reminder, parking permits are required for Windjammer & Pitcairn Parks as well as the Beach & Swim Center. The permit must be displayed on any vehicle (including golf carts) parked at these locations. 

To obtain a permit, visit City Hall Monday thru Friday from 8:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. You must bring the following information: current driver’s license, valid vehicle registration and DMV golf cart registration (golf carts only). Vehicles must be registered to your Tega Cay address. Permits may also be obtained by emailing a scanned copy of your valid driver’s license and valid registration (both containing your Tega Cay address) to dvick@tegacaysc.gov. For questions or more information, call (803) 548-3512.

A Park For Everyone…Almost
From the amount of cars we've seen over at Trailhead Park recently, we mean that literally. Seems as though all of you have found the park and our new inclusive playground #firstinthecounty. That’s GREAT and we hope you all enjoy it! Now for a bit of housekeeping. If you arrive at the parking lot and find it to be full of cars, don’t park in the grass and don’t park in the curve on Shoreline Parkway near the park. Simply go across the street to City Hall, park and walk over and enjoy the park. Better yet, if it’s not snowing or freezing cold then ride a bike, ride a golf cart (cart parking available off the old trail on the basketball court side) or walk. Also, the “house” structure in the playground isn’t meant to be climbed on. Please help protect the equipment you are enjoying so much and make your children aware of this. Please also don’t climb on top of the swing sets #itsalongfallfromthere and if the older kids would not use the harness swings to stand in and swing. The more you can help us protect the equipment the longer it will last. #ittakesavillage #yesthereisabasketballcourtathepark #itsdownthehill #webuiltstairstoitlastsummer 

Plastic Bags Have Their Place
Public service announcement reminder...plastic bags are not accepted in your recycling cart. EVER. NOT NEVER. Even if everything in your plastic bag is considered recyclable the plastic bag makes it all trash. Please, place your items loosely into your cart. Signature Waste accepts these items in your recycling bin. 

Meanwhile we'd love to have your plastic bags in one of the special collection bins at the Glennon Center, Beach & Swim Center or Lake Ridge Community Center. Then we can convert those unwanted bags into benches! #LionsClub #ResponsibleRecycling

Pothole Season Will Soon Be Upon Us
Between winter and spring (not false spring) you will begin to notice more potholes. Why then? Potholes are caused when asphalt weakens and there are two things that cause this: general wear and tear, and water. We know we've experienced water. LOTS of water. We've also experienced fluctuating temperatures and every storm system known, from tornadoes to snow. With these changing conditions, the constant expanding and contracting of the roads makes them more susceptible to potholes. That's where we come in. If you come upon a pothole, here are the steps you can take to get it repaired:

Determine who owns the road. Tega Cay Drive, Gardendale Road, New Gray Rock Road, Dam Road, Hwy 160 and Gold Hill Road are owned and maintained by SCDOT. To report a pot hole on one of these roads call (803) 737-1200 or submit a request
For all other City roads, report potholes using our online Report a Concern form, or call City Hall at (803) 548-3512. City owned and maintained roads will be assessed and repaired in order of severity, weather permitting. #TireNightmare #ShocksToo #SeeSomethingSaySomething #Dont'PutPotsInTheHoles #WrongTypeOfPotHole
Events Around Town

Feb 24 | Economic Development Meeting | 15077 Molokai Drive | 7:00 p.m. | Info
Mar 2 | Planning Commission Meeting | 15077 Molokai Drive | 6:30 p.m. | Info
Mar 2 | Tega Cay Forever Meeting | 7725 Tega Cay Drive | 7:00 p.m. | Info
Mar 5 | Youth Art Exhibit Reception | Center for the Arts | 5:30 p.m. | Info
Mar 16 | City Council Meeting | 15077 Molokai Drive | 7:00 p.m.

Check out our  Events Around Town calendar  for other things happening in the area.
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