More people than ever are specifically interested in changing to or staying in remote roles as the job market gets active this season. Creator of the term “The Great Resignation,” Anthony Klotz, says, “it's an understatement to say that the past 18 months have changed how some people think about life, work, and what they want out of both.” Read below for more on why individuals are sticking to remote work and how they are doing it.

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Recently, Ignite Remote Work Strategist, Lisa Cohn, interviewed a high-level financial professional who had been in the industry for over 20 years. Going from Managing Director of Finance at a mortgage lending company to Manager of Sales Finance at an innovative specialty food and snack company, he was able to navigate a successful remote career transition, while also gaining personal and career insight throughout the process.

Many remote career changers want to know how to bridge the gap between their current career and desired position on their resume. The best way is to read the job description closely.
  • Record your transferrable skills and match your experiences to each listed duty. 
  • Emphasize your skills in communication, collaboration, organization, and technology.
  • Mention whether you’ve worked remotely in the past.
  • Use your cover letter to clarify your qualifications.
As Ashley Watkins stated during the WSJ Jobs Summit, “if you can make a sandwich, you can make a burger.” But, you need to take the time to do the translation yourself; don’t expect the hiring manager to make assumptions.

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Learn to Create Routines and Boundaries
by Lisa Gorman
While there are many pros about transitioning to a remote career, you must remember to plan for challenges. Lisa Gorman, Senior Manager of JCS Career Services and Economic Advancement, offers valuable advice about creating routines and establishing boundaries that help you be successful when working from home. 

Learn more about The Great Resignation
by Candice White
Considering quitting your current job? Candice White, Career Coach and Certified Advanced Resume Writer, urges you to ask yourself if you truly need to leave in this moment. Here are five things she recommends you think about. 
Did you know 94% of people would prefer to work remotely for the rest of their life? It might be because remote workers average an additional $4,000 of annual income. It could also be for other reasons, such as caretaking, personal health concerns, improved productivity, greater flexibility, or better general work/life balance. Regardless of the reason, if you are seeking remote work, you are not alone. Fortunately, businesses are following suit. About 80% of employers plan to incorporate remote work into their company culture at least part time, regardless of the state of the current pandemic.
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Shosh V was very concerned about finding a job as an older person who had been out of work for over 18 months, especially as she has the goal to move away from Maryland to be closer to family. An Ignite Career Coach updated her resume to reflect her skills and crafted a way for her to explain the circumstances under which she left her last position. She was very motivated to find a job and worked very hard on applying to appropriate positions in the nonprofit/state sector. She was pleased to recently accept a job offer for a contract position, which provides her with the opportunity to work before she makes her out-of-state move.

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