April 17,  2019


I am so thankful to be a part of an alliance of wonderful people who work hard every day to ensure the best care for monkeys around the country. Once again, our network of sanctuaries has proven there "Ain't no mountain high enough, Ain't no valley low enough, Ain't no river wide enough" to stop us from bringing a monkey to safety! 

Draven  an 11-year-old, diabetic, self-harming capuchin left Las Vegas in a hurry! He was on our waiting list for years until he  began to self-mutilate -- time was of the essence! Kari received  a fr antic call from Draven's guardian, Jungle Friends collaborated with April Truitt of Primate Rescue Center to bring Draven  to his forever home in Gainesville -- and fast!

from Vegas to Gainesville
April flew from Kentucky to Las Vegas to transport Draven to Jungle Friends. She and her monkey companion traveled 2,800 miles with many stops along the way to re-bandage his self-inflicted wounds and check his glucose. It was a very long journey. Read all about April and Draven's adventures.

April and Draven arrived at Jungle Friends on March 12. Watch the Video of his arrival. Draven has been living in our On-site Clinic so we are able to monitor his health 24/7.
Draven is mezmerized by the spider monkeys!
In order to stop Draven from reopening his wound and to control his diabetes, it has required a member of our dedicated carestaff to be with him 24 hours a day 7 days a week to ensure he has the loving care he needs. We have an amazing team that goes the extra mile -- losing a few hours sleep is worth watching Draven become stronger!

Draven's improvement is close to miraculous. We are controlling his diabetes and his wound is healing.

In a few days, we will release Draven to his "Almost Wild" habitat, where he can be a monkey for the first time in his life and meet other monkeys to play with, groom and do monkey things!
April and Draven arrive at Jungle Friends. Watch the Video.
Kari, April, and Dr. Collins apply fresh bandages.
Don't worry Draven, soon you will have an "Almost Wild" life!
I work with many heroes every day who remind me that the world is full of compassion. This happy ending would not be possible without another hero -- YOU! Because of your dedication and generosity, we are able to provide life-saving care for Draven and over 300 monkeys. Thank you for making Draven's journey possible!


Bri Fried
Sanctuary Manager

P.S. Do you want to see the "Almost Wild" life that our monkeys live each day?  Watch our 360 Degree Virtual Tour of Jungle Friends.
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