Leaving Maryland?
New data has been released and it illustrates an undeniable exodus from Maryland. Marylanders are moving out of state at one of the highest rates in the Country.   

Approximately 16,000 taxpayers have already left, and with them, their income, businesses, and economic contributions. 

California, New York, Illinois, New Jersey, and Massachusetts are the only states with higher migration rates than Maryland. And - Where do you think most are moving? They’re moving to Red States like Texas & Florida.

Rest assured, I will continue to fight in order to make Maryland a more affordable state in which to live.
Governor Hogan Announces Lift of "Most" COVID-19 Restrictions
After 15 months and nearly 9,500 deaths, Maryland will end its State of Emergency for the COVID-19 Pandemic on July 1st. Local Governments and individual businesses may, if they so choose, maintain and impose restrictions. It’s great to be free again! 

Maryland residents are testing for COVID at a positivity rate of just 0.82%, while less than 200 people are currently hospitalized as a result of the virus.

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