August 1, 2019

Secondary school students study even though the school is not complete.
Note:  Along with many other international organizations, we were recently invited to submit a grant request limited to 500 words which tells the story of how their grant of $5000 would help us leave our mark where we work. That was an excellent question, and we thought you might like to see our request in this newsletter. Please pray for favor! The award will be made this month.

We are grateful for this opportunity to tell a short story about how your grant would enable us to leave our mark. Our organization has been involved in Haiti since the year 2001. Our mission founder is a Haitian national, and all in-country staff is Haitian. We believe in the Haitian people, and that they are the ones to solve the country's many problems. Our vision is to cultivate thriving, self-sufficient Christian communities throughout Haiti. We accomplish this through projects involving ministry, medical, education, and development. Everything we do is a form of evangelism, manifested in various ways.

One of the projects we have under way is a church school building in a very remote village named Dolval in the Northeast part of Haiti. We have been working on this school as funds are available for several years. It is a solid, concrete building with eleven classrooms. A grant of $5000 would push us over the finish line. The structure is in place, but it is necessary to complete a concrete roof section, and to install doors and windows. With a little additional plastering and paint, this building will be the pride of the Dolval community.

As with many buildings in Haiti, just because it is not complete, it doesn't mean the building can't be used! The community has been providing teachers and they're doing the best they can under the circumstances. They hold two sessions every day. The morning session is for primary school, and the afternoon session is for secondary school. When it rains, much of the building cannot be used. It would be wonderful to see it dried in and complete at last.

While our organization works in several Haitian villages, Dolval is the first one with which we connected. Our founder was the pastor in the village before coming the United States, and he did not forget their needs. It is a wonderful, lush part of Haiti. Due to its remote location, it has not been spoiled by outside influences. It is not easy to get to the village, and so it has not been negatively affected by well-intentioned mission groups.

Your grant would make the village sing. We hope you will consider our application. You will be as thrilled as we will be to see the photos and videos celebrating the Lord's provision!

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