November 17, 2016
From 7pm to 9pm
FSUCML Auditorium
3618 US-98
St. Teresa, FL 32358
Refreshments available before talk
The Eastern Caribbean: a laboratory for studying the resilience & management of coral reefs
by Dr. Bob Steneck (University of Maine) 
Caribbean coral reefs have been degrading due to climate change, ocean acidification, pollution and overfishing, all of which can occur simultaneously. Dr. Bob Steneck will discuss his studies of reefs from Anguilla to Grenada, and how local management of natural areas has had a strong positive effect on coral reefs, facilitating their recovery and improving their resilience.
About the Speaker
Dr. Bob Steneck (University of Maine) considers the coral reefs in the Caribbean and Indopacific oceans and kelp forests in North America as his laboratories. He has studied sea urchins, fish, corals, and lobsters as well as global climate change and the science of managing marine resources. Dr. Steneck earned his Ph.D. at John's Hopkins University. He is a Fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science and a Pew Fellow in Marine Conservation.